Thursday, July 2, 2015

She Said, He Said

She said
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I was prepared for yesterday to be a long day since Jesse was gone for 12+ hours with his mother to an out-of-town concert. (i.e. Rolling Stones in Raleigh!)  I planned to take Jackson to the $1 movie to see Paddington. Unfortunately, we arrived a few minutes before the movie, only to find out both theaters were sold out. The good news is I had asked Jesse to throw Jacks' bathing suit in the car as we were leaving, on the off chance that we decided to go to the splash pad after the movie. We didn't have a towel, toys, or friends, but Jackson sure managed to have a great time filling a water bottle and splashing in the water by himself.

We walked around the area and stopped for frozen yogurt so Jackson would have time to air dry. Once home, I fixed everyone lunch and Jackson cuddled with Jesse before he left.  The trio napped while Jackson and I watched a movie. After dinner I stripped the kids down for some naked water play (aka outdoor bath).

I stayed up until after midnight finishing The Girl on the Train (sooo good!), then felt creepy all alone. I was relieved when Jesse came home a few hours later.

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He said

I left our house after lunch to meet my mom to see the Rolling Stones in Raleigh. It's about a two hour drive to get there. We had supper upon arriving and waited on the show to start at eight.

The Avett Brothers were the opening act. The only other time I had seen them was in the West Wilkes High School gymnasium in 2008 where they were playing for a crowd of uninterested high schoolers. I can only imagine how those guys felt being able to open for the Rolling Stones.

From start to finish, the Rolling Stones were incredible. Mick Jagger is crazy high energy still, even at the age of 72. The band was loose and having fun. The set list was almost perfect. There was only one song that was released after 1981; everything else was classic Stones.

We didn't get back to Mom's van in the parking lot until midnight. It was close to one by the time we were finally rolling and out of the NC State lot. I was home a little bit after 3 AM. Bonnie very graciously rounded up the kids in the morning and let me sleep in.

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