Sunday, April 7, 2013

Growing Belly!

I wanted one post where I could scroll and see how much my pregnancy has progressed.  So, here it is:
8 weeks

12 weeks

16 weeks

18 weeks

20 weeks

22 weeks

Spring Break To Do List

Spring Break has been anything but relaxing for a variety of reasons.  I'll spare the details but leave you with our massive room makeovers and intense spring cleaning lists.  I regret not taking before pictures.  I can't put into words what kind of shape our closets, bathrooms, filing cabinets, etc were in prior to this week.  Here's what Jesse and I (and a few friends and family members) accomplished this week:


·        Sort clothes to donate

·        Sort shoes to donate

·        Take clothes and shoes to drop off (5 black garbage bags full!)

·        Clean under the bed

·        Vacuum

·        Clear everything off dresser

·        Scrub shower

·        Dust furniture

Upstairs Bathrooms

·        Steam mop floors

·        Scrubbing Bubbles toilet and sink

·        Windex mirrors

·        Scrub tubs

·        Organize closets

·        Redo linen closet, donate queen sheets/pillows


·        Clean out both cars

·        Vacuum cars

·        Weed eat

·        Cut grass

·        Move grill


·        Clean out coat closet

·        Decide what to do with buffet piece

·        Order triplet feeding table

·        Move some toys upstairs

·        Clean bathroom

·        Organize pantry

·        Clean out fridge

Big Boy Makeover

·        Move high chair to attic

·        Decide on toddler bed

·        Buy mattress

·        Move crib to bonus room

·        Move changing table to bonus room

·        Organize closet

·        Get a toy chest

·        Get twin sheets and comforter

·        Assemble bed (bed will be delivered Monday)

·        Place toys in toy chest

·        Move shelves

·        Fill and paint holes

·        Buy and install book ledges


·        Figure out what to do with guest bedroom furniture

·        Break apart furniture, move it out!

·        Vacuum

·        Clean/organize closet

·        Move filing cabinet into closet

·        Buy shelving unit for office

·        Assemble bookshelf

·        Move chair and ottoman into office

·        Go through books to donate

·        Move desk and computer into office

·        Set up internet w/ Time Warner


·        Get under the bed storage containers

·        Sort clothes by size

·        Clean out bonus room closet

·        Install shelves

·        Buy bins

·        Buy, assemble, stain dresser

·        Take out couch bed

·        Organize 0-3 months clothes

·        Label/organize bins

·        Vacuum

·        Decide what to do with coffee table

Jackson’s Birthday Party

·        Buy salad stuff

·        Party plates and/or balloons

·        Treat bags?  NO

·        Figure out cake

·        Bake and decorate cake

·        Order pizza

·        Vacuum and steam mop downstairs

·        Make photo collage



·        Lesson 6 SmartBoard

·        Make copies

·        Count and place in mailboxes


·        Revise SmartBoard

·        Make copies

·        Sort into folders for each day

·        Revise Bingo and print cards

·        Revise I Have, Who Has and print cards

        Westward Expansion

·        Pick Walking Classroom and make copies

·        Make SmartBoard for Ch. 16

·        Make copies

·        Create project & rubric