Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mommy-Jack Date

It's been a while since Jackson and I have spent any time together just the two of us. More and more I feel like I'm just supervising the four kids, rather than actually interacting with them. I'm putting out fires and herding sheep instead of giving anyone individual attention. The unfortunate truth is that once the triplets go to sleep, I am mentally done for the day and zone out. The last half hour before Jackson goes to bed is Jesse's time with him. Needless to say, Jack and I were overdue for a date.

This morning Jackson and I made big plans to pick out birthday gifts for his cousins. He was so sweet and kept saying, "Livie would love this!" "Oh, this is perfect for Levi." I was relieved and proud that he never once suggested getting himself something. He seemed genuinely happy picking out gifts for family. At the checkout line he told the cashier that we were buying birthday gifts and we were going to parties and we would eat cake. He's quite the chatty child nowadays.

Afterwards we picked up some items for a special Valentine craft project and ran into the adjacent pet store. We both fell in love with this friendly kitten. Of course we already have a cat and aren't really looking to spend $100 to adopt another pet.

Jesse requested we pick up something from the Dollar Store (located in the same strip mall), so Jackson and I picked up his things and grabbed some chocolate in the checkout line. We drove across the street to Denny's for our lunch date. After pulling into a parking space approximately four minutes later, Jackson looked like this:

I held his wrist in the parking lot and took him straight to the bathroom before getting a table. What a silly kid! Jackson acts the same whether his siblings are around or not. I, however, do not. I am a lot more relaxed and attentive when I don't have three toddlers to look after. (Shocking, I know.) We had plenty of time to color and talk during our thirty minute wait. (Yes, THIRTY minutes!) We discussed everything there is to possibly know about penguins, thanks to his penguin-themed kid's menu. Did you know there are penguins that live in southern Africa?

Jackson ate every bit of his spaghetti and goldfish, and some of my lunch!

Our busy morning concluded with Jackson falling asleep in the car.

Tasty Treats

I have several posts to catch up on. For some reason our internet has been going down a lot recently so every time I start to blog I'm unable to finish a post. For that reason I'll keep this short so I can at least publish something.

I'm almost always in a baking mood, so I thought I'd share my most recent excuses to bake:

Cake to celebrate nephew's baptism

Strawberry shortcake trifle for book club

Chocolate peanut butter whoppie pies (requested by Jesse's coworker for his birthday)

Heart shaped rice krispie treats
(rice krispie treats requested by Jackson, pink hearts to practice for Valentines)

I have quite a few more reasons to bake in the upcoming weeks thanks to birthdays, small group, and Valentine parties. I'm hoping to find some new favorite recipes this month and will report back on any baking successes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Are the Dinosaurs With Grandma?

After a two week hiatus, we returned to the beloved museum. While the museum is the kids' favorite place to go, it has become one of my least favorites. James, Amelia, and Maddie are at an age where their curiosity trumps their listening skills. The museum has dozens of rooms, though there are multiple entrances to each room. It's open enough for them to quickly escape but blocked enough that I can't see them from every angle. There is also a large staircase in the middle of the museum, as well as a huge water table. I consider it a success if I keep everyone dry and uninjured. It is stressful but manageable. 

I took the actual camera with me today so here are a few candid shots I was able to take this afternoon:

I like to go on Wednesdays because they have a weekly program at 2 pm for kids. This month they are focusing on animal adaptations. I posted a few weeks ago where Jackson was able to touch a snake and turtle. Today they had tanks out with cold water, arctic animals frozen in ice, frozen gel, and kinetic sand. The triplets were tired and uninterested. Jackson enjoyed exploring. The teacher in me kept thinking, why don't they have "blubber gloves" (aka ziploc bags with lard inside) to show how the animals are able to adapt to extreme cold.

We ended up running into a few friends at the museum. One of Jackson's friends wanted to watch the puppet show, so we all sat down below the stage. I always ignore the shows and performances because they are crowded, therefore making the other rooms less crowded and easier for me to keep an eye on my kids playing. All but James were totally engrossed in the show. It was a dinosaur talent show and each dinosaur came on stage and showed off his characteristics. It was bright and cheery, until suddenly the lights went out, a "meteorite" hit the Earth, and dinosaur skeletons appeared. That was the end!

I spent most of the ride home discussing why and how the dinosaurs died. What happened to the dinosaurs? Did they go to the hospital? Why are they bones now? Are they with grandma and grandpa?

Our trips to the museum seem to regularly provoke lots of questions!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Colorful Creations

I went back to the Pinterest board I mentioned yesterday to try and get some more ideas for indoor toddler activities. The first two things I saw were "freely play with flour" and "body paint with yogurt".  If I have to spend more time cleaning than the kids spend creating, I'm not going to be happy. Clearly the flour and yogurt weren't going to happen. 

I broke out the PlayDoh for the first time. Since I didn't want the trio running all over the place with PlayDoh, I confined them to their high chairs. I try to avoid any kind of crafts at the table because I worry the kids will associate the table and highchairs with food and try to eat it. Surprisingly, no one tried to eat the PlayDoh. They didn't really know what to do with it. I gave them various utensils to try and they mostly just stabbed it. James and Amelia were curious; Maddie was mildly interested at best.

Since PlayDoh wasn't as entertaining as I'd hoped I let the trio paint. Painting is one of their favorite activities and it's so easy to wash off. I put the bibs on, taped large white paper to the table, and gave each child a different primary color.

After letting everyone paint with their color for a few minutes, I wanted to switch colors so they could create a secondary color (orange, green, purple). Not knowing my intentions, Maddie was extremely upset when I took her paint away. As soon as I gave her another color, she was happy as could be.

After fifteen minutes, James tore his wet paper and began painting his hand. Amelia and Maddie remained content until I took their paint away. All in all it was a fun, creative morning.

Early Childhood Education

I've been trying to make more effort in working with Jackson on letters and numbers. His teacher hasn't shared any concerns and I don't really know what a 3.5 year old should be able to do anyway, so I'm just making things up as I go. Of course, I do have an education background so it's not completely random, but I'm no expert on early childhood education. 

I don't know if it's all the UmiZoomi Jackson watched last year or if mathematical concepts just come naturally, but Jackson is pretty good at math. He's great at patterns, sorting, and shape recognition. Jackson used mega-blocks to cut out blocks of play-doh. He had all his figures laid out and he said, "These cubes are similar size." I had not used the term cube or similar, so I was surprised. I rolled the play-doh very flat and made an imprint of a square. I asked him if they were similar and he said, "Well, they're both green."

Yesterday I made up a quick counting and number recognition activity on the whiteboard. I drew a random number of objects, asked Jackson to count them out loud, then match the number. I don't know if he would have done as well if I put extra numbers out, but he was very successful with this activity.

While Jackson excels with math, he doesn't have a good grasp on letters or letter sounds. Again, I'm uncertain what is expected of him at this age. He can trace his name but not write it. He would not move the letters to correctly spell his name. 

At his school they work on 1-2 letters a week. They are started with A and have progressed through the letter O. This might be fine for exposing a 3 year old to letters, but I know this is not the most effective way to teach letters and sounds when learning to read. For example, last week he worked on M and N. The sounds are so similar he couldn't consistently distinguish between the two sounds.

Another way I can sneak in lessons is through cooking. Jackson has really developed an interest in cooking. I even let him help me on the stove as long as his siblings are occupied. (I can't handle three toddlers in the kitchen in addition to supervising a 3 year old at the stove!) Jackson helps measure, pour, and set the timer.

Doing these activities makes me miss teaching and makes me consider teaching early childhood education. I like being able to have a better grasp on what Jackson is capable of, rather than get a false impression of his progress through cut and pasted worksheets. Thankfully I have plenty of ideas and resources I can utilize to continue working on math and reading.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tiny Strollers Everywhere

If the weather is warm enough the kids and I like to go for walks in the driveway and cul-de-sac. The road can be tricky but there's rarely ever traffic on our street at 10 a.m. Today was the first time we had to move for a car.  

Each child requires their own stroller and cart, of course. I bring out our inside toys so there are plenty available for everyone.

As a general rule, Amelia is always the first to venture in either of the neighbor's yard.  James gets distracted and stops to taunt the outside cat. And Maddie gets too excited going down the driveway and adds to her permanently skinned knee. If Jackson is home he tends to steal his siblings' toys, even though there are 4-5 strollers, lawn mowers, and carts outside.

Pinterest Toddler Entertainment

One of my friends created a board on Pinterest for toddler activities. The notification showed up on my phone this morning with a small picture of pipe cleaners in a colander.  I was cleaning after breakfast and put my phone away without clicking on the link.

Fastforward a few hours. The kids were especially clingy this afternoon. I grabbed some pipe cleaners and colander (both of which happened to be in the kitchen) and put in on the floor like so:

This spontaneous activity resulted in nearly half an hour of entertainment. The triplets were completely engrossed in inserting the pipe cleaners through the holes. They had limited success, but I consider it great practice with fine motor skills.

After their curiosity weaned, they continued playing with Little People. Maddie kept sitting on Amelia and Amelia would rub Maddie's back. I made pipe cleaner bracelets for them and they took turns putting them on each other. It was adorable.

I guess I'll actually check out the Pinterest board. Who knows what other simple combinations of entertainment we can create?

Friday, January 23, 2015

When Can I Take a Personal Day?

I. Am. So. Over. This. Week.

The stress of the trio's well-check, weight checks, shots, WIC office, and health department waiting room was enough.

I had no intentions of being unable to console James late last night while he suffered night terrors.

I did not expect to spend my morning cleaning up Jackson's vomit out of rugs and clothes.

I certainly didn't plan for the dryer to stop working as I tried to dry the vomit stained clothes.

I did not want to ignore Maddie and Amelia because James whimpered inconsolably unless I held him. All. Day. Long.

I hated that it poured/sleeted all day and we couldn't even play outside for some much needed fresh air.

I could have really, really used a personal day today!

That is all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What to Expect at a WIC Appointment

Today was the dreaded WIC appointment. It can only be described as hell on earth. I know many readers could think I'm ungrateful, don't deserve their hard earned tax dollars, should just get a job, blah, blah, blah. If that is your opinion, I'll remind you that despite earning a Master's Degree and National Board Certification, my teaching salary barely covered childcare expenses for four children. Obviously I did not anticipate having triplets or being in our current financial situation. 

Let me describe the 2.5 hour process to you:

Step 1: Stand in check-in line for at least five minutes just so your name can be entered in the system. Sign your name a dozen times, then receive your number.

Step 2: Sit down in the waiting room for twenty minutes until your number is called. Our particular WIC office is located in the health department. There is a large display on STD's with pamphlets on syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. You notice multiple adults are asked to wear masks. There is absolutely NO form of entertainment, but you brought two backpacks full of books, dolls, action figures, and LeapPad. No food or drinks are allowed (other than bottles). This rule is strictly enforced. The waiting room is always overrun with toddlers running, infants crying, frustrated parents cursing, and adults talking loudly about everyone's business on their phones.

Step 3: Hear your number called. Gather the children and walk through the door to a small room. All children must be weighed and finger pricked to check iron levels. (I brought the printout from the doctor's appointment yesterday so the trio did not have to be weighed again. They accept doctor's notes within the previous 30 days.)

Step 4: Return to main waiting room for at least 30 more minutes. Desperately try to keep your children safe and entertained until your number is called again.

Step 5: Hear your number called again. Gather the children, walk through the door and down a long hallway. Meet with a "nutritionist" for a ten minute interview in her office. The nutritionist enters each child's weight and iron level, then asks detailed questions. (How much TV does he watch? How often do you brush his teeth? How many cups of milk does he drink? How many times a day does he eat fruits? Vegetables? and so on). Despite there being two chairs to sit down in, you can't get to them because the double stroller takes up a third of the office and you're standing and swaying anyway trying to calm a child.

Step 6: Get directed to another waiting room. There are no chairs available and the room is overcrowded with strollers, cranky children, and desperate adults. This holding cell has absolutely nothing to look at other than large posters with women breastfeeding their child. Wait for a grueling half hour. 

Step 7: Blessedly hear your number a third and final time. Follow the employee who escorts you to an office. Sign and receive checks. Schedule follow up appointment.

Step 8: Run like hell to the van. You survived!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

18 Month Well Check

I rushed to get Jackson to school this morning so that I could have time to make it to the trio's 9:30 a.m. appointment. A minor crisis ensued since we left before Curious George was over. Jackson was still the first one there in his class. He was surprised to see an empty classroom since he is typically one of the last ones to arrive.

Thankfully today was a teacher workday and Jesse agreed to meet me at the pediatrician's office. The practice still requires naked weight checks. The scale is located in the hallway right beside check-out. I dread this process much more than shots.

Here's how the little ones have grown over the course of their lives:

6 lbs, 12 oz
20.5 in
6 lbs, 2 oz
20 in
5 lbs, 9 oz
18 in

4 Months
13 lbs, 5 oz
12 lbs
9 lbs
23.75 in

6 Months
15 lbs, 7 oz
14 lbs, 9 oz
11 lbs

9 Months
17 lbs, 6 oz
16 lbs, 11 oz
13 lbs, 5 oz

12 Months
21 lbs, 15 oz
20 lbs, 9 oz
17 lbs, 4 oz

15 Months
24 lbs, 13 oz
22 lbs, 14 oz
20 lbs, 9 oz

18 Months
25 lbs, 8 oz
24 lbs
21 lbs, 10 oz

We were seen by a different doctor. I wish I had done a little research with the practice and requested her from the beginning because she is a Neonatologist (specializes in preemies/high risk infants). Jesse and I were both impressed that she requested a nurse stay throughout the appointment so we could give individual attention and keep everyone calm.

The pediatrician raised the following concerns:

needs speech evaluation

needs speech evaluation
We were firmly reminded to regularly brush the trio's teeth because Amelia has "sediment on her teeth". 
She recommended Amelia wear sunglasses or a hat if she's going to be outside in the sun because Amelia has enlarged pupils. 

needs speech evaluation
innocent heart murmur can still be heard
Her eczema should be treated with weekly baking soda baths, Cetaphil twice a day, and a prescription oil twice a day. The doctor explained that our previous prescription ointment was for spot treating, not for her entire skin. Her exact words were, "You need oil. We've got to grease her up!"

As far as speech services go, I'm not in any rush. I was expecting this since none of the trio are using more than 2-3 words. We went through the exact same thing with Jackson at 18 months but his language exploded just a few months later. There is no concern with physical factors to cause speech delay (they can easily use straw cups and utensils), nor is there cognitive concern (they can point to objects and understand when we ask for something). They communicate clearly, just not with words. There's rarely any question what it is they want. I think I will be more intentional about naming objects and making them say the word (milk or water, more, up, etc). If they still aren't using any new words in a couple of months, I have no reservations with speech evaluations.

The only other thing the doctor mentioned was increasing DHA rich foods such as tuna, eggs, avocado, and olive oil. The trio do not eat ANY of those foods, so I'll have to get creative on how to include those in their diet.

All three received their last dose of Hep A vaccine, which means they are caught up until kindergarten! We don't go back for another well check until they turn 2.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

After we picked Jackson up from preschool we headed to the park. It was 65 degrees today and gorgeous! I was skeptical of how the trio would act after their shots, but everyone was in a great mood. I'll end with my favorite photos of each kid from our afternoon.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Soaking up the Sun in January

60 degrees in January? We'll take it!

Since Jesse had the day off, we were able to spend several hours outside together as a complete family. We met up with mom friends for a play date at the park. I have given up on taking the kids to this particular park by myself. It's too open and impossible to keep them safe. With the help of Jesse and friends, each kid was able to explore at his/her own pace.

After an hour we loaded the kids back into the van, stopped for some ice cream, then continued driving for a spontaneous visit with MiMi. We had a rough start between Amelia rolling down the hill and Maddie screaming in terror from the dog. Things settled down quickly and we enjoyed the warm sunshine while walking the dog.

I needed a calm Monday since our next few days are filled with appointments, shots, and lots of waiting. Ready or not, here we come.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

ABC Recap of MLK Weekend

I have quite a miscellaneous assortment of photos and stories to share, which lends itself well to an ABC update. Here are the ABC's of the past few days:

A is for Alice

I had the privilege of hanging out with this sweet girl and her older brother for several hours on Friday. Oh. My. Goodness. The few hours I spent made me giddy thinking about what all Amelia and Maddie will be saying and doing a year from now.  Maybe the two's won't be so terrible after all. (It's possible, right...?)

 B is for Birthday Party

We celebrated my nephew's birthday with a family party on Saturday. Jackson was so excited to jump on the trampoline and bounce house, play with his cousins, and eat cake. When it came time for cake, the trio huddled around Jesse and yelled, waiting to be fed like little birds. Jesse and I are quite used to this scene, but other family members found it amusing enough to video. James, Amelia, and Maddie are quite vocal when it comes to food.

C is for Christian Education Committee

On Thursday evening I decided at the last minute to attend the ministry team meeting night at church. I am not on a particular committee, but I wanted to stay informed and help brainstorm ideas since I'm the youth leader. Somehow, by the end of the evening I became co-chair of the CE team. This means I am responsible for planning annual events like the Easter egg hunt and graduation breakfast, as well as purchase Sunday School curriculum and ensure there are enough teachers for all ages. 

D is for Documentaries

I am a sucker for romantic comedies; Jesse loves scary movies and psychological thrillers. The only genre of film we mutually enjoy is documentary. We've watched quite a few documentaries lately, from seeking hallucinogenic drugs in the rainforest to the KKK in North Carolina. The most interesting one has been on sensory deprivation tanks, which are dark tanks where you float in saltwater.

E is for Elder nomination

After convincing myself that the CE team wouldn't be too much extra time, I received the following e-mail the next day:
"The elder nominating committee would like you to spend some time praying about the leadership of our church.  Your name consistently showed up from the input of members of our congregation as someone that they would like to see serve as an elder in the next class of Session.  The Elder Nominating Committee has discussed this and they think you would be a great addition to our Session!  You care about people, both young and old.  You have deep and honest faith in God.  And, you have this wonderful attitude of being willing to help out this church in any way you can." 
This was just the first of many paragraphs. The rest of the e-mail outlined the responsibilities of being an Elder. I am honored that I was nominated, though I will definitely have to strongly consider if this is something I can commit to fully.

F is for Friends & Fish

We went to a friend's house for a playdate. The triplets were entranced by the fish. 

G is for  Great Clips

Jesse received a Great Clips coupon in the mail for a $5.99 haircut. Since he's letting his hair grow out, I used it this evening. It was my first haircut in several months. I told the hairdresser I didn't care what she did, as long as she didn't cut any bangs. She ended up cutting about four inches off. I don't feel attached to hair, but I did get nervous when she got the clippers out and started trimming my neck. I haven't washed it yet so I might hate it in the morning, but for now I love it.

H is for Hats

My sister has passed down all her adorable girl hats and mittens. I'm obsessed with how cute Maddie is in this hat!

I is for  Insurance

I haven't had health insurance since 2013, shortly after giving birth to the triplets. We looked into Obamacare last year but it was significantly cheaper to just pay the penalty. I would really like to find a different birth control, so I finally applied for 2015. My coverage should begin by March 1. 

J is for Jesse

He even has a mug to prove it.

With exams and MLK holiday, Jesse has had a long weekend. He's such a good daddy! He spent the morning playing and crafting with the boys while I took the girls to church. 

is for Kid's Play Area

We ventured to a fully enclosed kid's area at a local mall. The trio wasn't quite tall enough to climb a lot of the obstacles. That didn't stop them from trying! They were so happy to have a change of scenery and I was happy to know that they couldn't run away.

L is for Library

Confession: The library is my least favorite place to take the kids. It stresses me out more than any other place because the trio like to climb on the tables, smash the keys on the keyboards, throw magnetic letters off the whiteboard, and pull books off the shelves. They are by no means menaces, but it can get out of control quickly. I've finally learned to only let one or two toddlers out at a time and keep one or two in the stroller. Jackson tries to entertain them with a puppet show. 

M is for Money

I'm starting to stress again. Jesse got a raise this fall after a six-year frozen pay scale. While that should alleviate financial stress, the raise was just enough so we no longer qualify for assistance with food. And I'm also adding health insurance to our monthly bills. I know we'll be able to pay all our bills and put a bit in savings with our tax return, but there won't be any leeway. Our funds are just tight enough to make me feel guilty about staying home and not getting a part time job. 

N is for  Nashville

Our online triplet group is planning their second annual weekend getaway. Last year the trip was in Chicago. I could not attend because it was not in our budget (holy airfare!) and it was the same weekend as the trio's first birthday. Because our group is international, we decided on two trips. One will be in Vegas, the other in Nashville. I somehow became responsible for organizing the Nashville trip in August. Thankfully, other women have taken on much more leadership in researching hotels and group activities. 

In case you're thinking, "Didn't she just complain about not having money?" I'd like to clarify that the expenses should be very reasonable because I am carpooling with other moms and sharing a hotel room. The biggest expenses will be food and entertainment. I have no issues leaving the kids for two days (as much as my MIL thinks I do) because I pretty much spend 24/7 with them and am ready for a break! Plus, the trio will be two by that point and I spent the night away from Jackson when he was 18 months old. I am ready for a break and a chance to spend time with fellow triplet mamas.

O is for Orphan Train

Our January book club meets next Sunday to discuss Orphan Train. I haven't finished it yet but I'm enjoying it thus far. Between this and The Invention of Wings, I am on track for two novels per month.

P is for Playdates

Cold weather may prevent us from going to the park, but it can't keep us away from our friends. My mom friends and I were overdue for adult conversation and our kids were all tired of being stuck at home. Hooray for fun playdates.  As a bonus, we were able to make phallic play-doh mountains. HA!

Q is for Questionable Attire

This is the second time this week that one of the kids has woken up from a nap without a shirt. They wiggle out of pajama pants all the time, but losing a shirt is a new talent.

R is for Reptiles

The children's museum had a reptile program where you could touch a snake and turtle. Jackson was super excited to meet one of his friends at the museum. The two played together before and after the program. I was surprised Jackson touched the snake, but I think he was more willing since his friend did. As the leader weaved in and out of the audience, she totally dismissed the trio. Maddie walked right up to her and pointed at the turtle. Maddie was able to touch the turtle shell after all.

S is for Secret Sister

Secret Sister is another online triplet mom thing. We signed up through Elfster and were randomly assigned a name of another 2013 triplet mom. The goal is to send cards and gifts throughout the year to the mom and/or trio. My SS already sent us finger paint, construction paper, and healthy snacks. So thoughtful! (Full disclosure: I haven't sent my SS anything yet! I bought specific items but haven't made it to the post office.)

T is for Trampoline

As previously mentioned, part of my nephew's birthday festivities included playing in a bounce house and trampoline. This was the first time the trio had been on a trampoline. Maddie and Amelia were happy, but James was over it. Jackson had a blast on everything.

U is for Urban dictionary

I think I mentioned this a few months ago, but talking to teenagers every week makes me feel really old. It is like they are talking in code. We were discussing how teenagers and young adults often feel lonely in spite of having 500 friends on Facebook and 300 followers on Instagram. One of the girls said, "Yeah instead of having real conversations with a guy, he'll just text, 'Be my bae.'" Urban Dictionary has become my main resource for keeping up with lingo.

V is for Vintage style

Since the majority of the girls' wardrobe is hand me downs, I have no clue where these dresses came from or how old they are. Either way, Amelia and Maddie kept it classy this morning at church. 

W is for  WIC

WIC checks are issued with the exact date every month, even though the appointments to pick up checks are not on the same date. For example, the checks are issued on the 15th, but my appointment isn't until the 21st. This means I won't receive those groceries this week, but next week I'll have to double up because the checks I pick up will be dated for a certain window of time. I'm not complaining since it's free, but their whole system seems unnecessarily complicated.

I am absolutely dreading our WIC appointment. Jackson has to miss school because he has to be weighed and checked, as do his siblings. We will spend the majority of our morning in the waiting room of the health department, aka breeding grounds for the flu. I hate the way the workers herd you along like cattle without even making eye contact. All of this and we might not even qualify anymore. 

X is for X

(Nothing about this story is particularly interesting, but I had nothing else for the letter X.) 
On the ride home from the birthday party, Jackson declared, "I can make an X with my feet." Jackson isn't great with letter recognition, though he seems to know X rather well. This launched a conversation about words with X, which provoked the song "What Does the Fox Say?

Y is for Yearbook

I've finally begun working on our 2014 family yearbook. I had started it in November on Jesse's desktop but ended up having to start over on the laptop. I thought 2013 was our biggest year as a family but it turns out that I took significantly more pictures in 2014. It's such a colossal task to document an entire year! My vision begins to blur after so much time on the computer.

Z is for Zapped

This is what James looked like on Saturday evening. After multiple play dates and parties on Friday and Saturday, the boy had reached his limit.