Meet the Family

Family Timeline
2004-Met Jesse at Appalachian State University
2008-Moved to Charlotte, NC
2011-Welcomed the birth of Jackson (at 41 weeks)
2013-Welcomed the birth of James, Amelia, and Madeline (at 37 weeks)

Bonnie (age 29)

Former 5th grade teacher (NBCT, M. Ed), current stay-at-home mom
Likes: blogging, taking and editing pictures, baking, going on adventures, church
Dislikes: exercising, putting away laundry, answering my phone

Jesse (age 29)

Former high school history teacher, current 8th Grade ELA teacher
Likes: sleeping, NPR, Batman, tattoos, scary movies, growing his hair out and shaving it
Dislikes: political conservatives, religion, Nicolas Sparks

Jackson (age 4)
Likes: superheroes, preschool, playing outside, going to the kid's museum, back stories
Dislikes: vegetables, cleaning his room, giving his siblings' personal space

James (age 2)

Likes: playing in water, being tickled, climbing things, eating multiple servings of food
Dislikes: sharing food, communicating with words

Amelia (age 2)

Likes: clothing and accessories, running away from people, cookies
Dislikes: not being able to do what she wants when she wants (so stubborn)

Maddie (age 2)

Likes: animals, eating slowly, talking, dancing, hoarding things
Dislikes: when her siblings' steal her food or toys


  1. I used to take Zumba with you at the Y! I stumbled across your blog after finding out a few weeks ago that we are expecting triplets. I'm going to need to pick your brain! 💕