Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wedding Bliss (Take Four)

When my brother announced he was getting married, we all had our reservations. For a fourth wedding, I didn't know what to expect. They decided they wanted a church wedding with just the family in attendance. They asked me to make the wedding cake. I wasn't thrilled about it, but I wasn't surprised considering I made his last wedding cake. I couldn't very well say no when my brother asked me an hour after he completed the electrical work and installed two ceiling fans in the kids' rooms. I spent all hours Friday night baking and assembling a plain white cake, per the bride's request. She had purchased the flowers and ribbon, so her mother and I were able to very quickly pin everything in place. Voila!

The cousins entertained one another while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The service was very traditional and simple.

I was surprised how elegant and detailed the table settings and decor were. It was all beautiful.

For whatever reason, we were all assigned at different tables and had to wait an unusually long time before we were called to eat. (The catered food was in the hallway directly outside the door.) We broke protocol and entertained one another in an effort not to become cannibals.

At last we were called to get our food, which was a truly delicious buffet of southern food. We gathered around while my brother and his wife cut the cake. I nearly spit my food out when his wife asked if it was my first wedding cake. My brother shot me a "keep your mouth closed" look and I simply smiled and said no.

I was unprepared to see my Daddy's old truck outside the church. It sat in our garage my entire childhood and adolescence, until my brother just recently towed it to his house and began repairs years worth of damage. It was a beautiful, nostalgic sight. The five siblings posed for pictures.

The newlyweds also posed for photos. 

The little kids waved them off and we all said our goodbyes.

I hope and pray this marriage is a long one filled with support and love. If the wedding is a predictor of how their marriage will be, it should be loving and beautiful.