Sunday, September 16, 2012

New & Improved

If I was a good blogger, this post would be three different posts with narratives about each event.  Unfortunately for any readers, my heart is not exactly in blogging, or school, or much of anything else for that matter. are the major updates that have taken place during the past two weeks:
1. New landscaping
We finally succumbed to paying a "professional" to remove the holly bushes.  (I use the term professional very loosely as he was teaching his preteen son a lesson and insisted the son do part of the job.  The man came on Sunday, rather than Saturday when we scheduled him to come.)  Jesse took up the patio and planted small flowers in its place.  We re-mulched the planter areas and moved the furniture on the porch.
2. New phone
I have had the same phone with Verizon for nearly three years.  The phone shut off in the middle of calls and texts.  After many hours at Best Buy, UPS, and AT&T, I finally own a working "ice cream sandwich" android.  Welcome to 2012.

3. New car
Jesse decided to trade in his 2010 Scion for a 2012 Prius.  He spent most of the afternoon at the Toyota dealership trying to work out a deal.  Since he totaled his Scion last year, the dealership isn't able to resell the car.  They also requested Jesse put money down, which wasn't an option for us. His payment increased by $20 a month, but he should save double that on gas. 

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  1. That's a whole lot of newness going on at your house!