Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jackson's First Day of Preschool (As Told by Jackson, Age 4)

I walked the babies in to school. (No more strollers for short walks!)

I did't have a folder to school but the teacher gave me one. (This isn't true. I slipped a folder in his bookbag this morning.)

The teacher told us the rules. She said when she gives us a stink eye, she has to go home and put a mud mask on to get her stink eye off.

I played with a lot of stuff today. I played with building blocks. You can attach them. I even played with a game. I only played with one person. It was a boy. I don't remember his name.

The girls wanted to line up. Then the boys lined up to go to the bathroom. We lined up for gymnastics. I fell one, two, three times at gymnastics. I was jumping and I fell on the trampoline and then on the floor. You weren't supposed to fall. I hurt myself. So my teacher said, "When you don't follow the rules, sometimes you get hurt." I was following the rules and being a good boy. She just said that.

The teacher said we could pick wherever we wanted to sit at lunch. We sat at the big tables. The babies (2 year olds) sit at the little tables. I forgot to drink my drink.

I want to talk about the playground. I was climbing. There were two different toys. A Rescue Bot Transformer toy was out there. A truck. There was a red helicopter. I played with both of those with other people.

We didn't have anything for snack. No, we had pee pee for snack. (laughs) We didn't really have that. Just joking.

We sang the goodbye song when we were leaving. That's all.

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