Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving (Nov. 24)

There was nothing especially memorable or noteworthy about Thanksgiving, but it's a major holiday so I still wanted to share photos. We had our traditional meal at my sister's house, just like every other year. We've perfected the table spread and meal prepping.

Everyone was in attendance (ten adults and twenty children).

I could eat this meal every single day!

My older nieces have practically adopted Amelia and Maddie. The girls are always together at every family gathering.

Jackson can always be found with his cousin, Jude.

After stuffing our faces and lounging around, we drove home. Thankfully we no longer celebrate with Jesse's side of the family on the same day. Their feast this year will be held on Sunday.

Jesse had his vasectomy scheduled for the next day, so we decorated Thanksgiving night. Jesse went out to WalMart to purchase a new tree before it got crazy with early shoppers. 

Despite being a prelit tree, there were still some technical difficulties with lighting! Bah humbug.

The kids and I immersed ourselves in unpacking the ornaments while Jesse finished assembling the tree.

They did a surprisingly decent job at hanging ornaments. I only had to change a dozen or so.

We finished the evening with the classic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

I've had an ungrateful attitude with going back to work. I am still resentful and have little job satisfaction, but I know I have countless blessings and things to be thankful for. I am surrounded by family, friends, and church. I am gifted with a healthy family, wealth, education,strong marriage, job security, and comfortable living. Maybe I'm more of a bratty millennial than I want to admit. I pray that I can force myself to appreciate the little and big things, and teach my children to do the same.

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