Sunday, January 29, 2012

An Afternoon in the Park

I can't get over this near 70 degree weather in January!  Jesse had a closing shift on Saturday, so Jackson and I ventured to a local park that afternoon.  Jackson is still too small to enjoy the slide but he liked it enough. 
Jackson's true love was for the swings!  He seemed initially hesitant and was grabbing the chains for dear life.  He had a blast once he realized he was safe and he could kick his legs and swing high in the air.  He was especially amused when I got on the ground and pretended he kicked me each time he swung forward.  He already has such a little boy's sense of humor.   
Jackson was beyond distracted by the many children playing nearby.  He is very inquisitive and observant, which I love, but I wanted to spend some secluded time together.  We were able to have fun safely playing on the bridge, in the mulch, and going for a jog.

It was another lovely Saturday afternoon with my boy.  I can't wait until spring when the whole family can play at the park together.

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