Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh, Fifth Grade!

In the past few weeks, the following incidents have occurred at school:

Apparently one boy has been teaching other boys how to jerk off under the table.  The girls not only know about it, but they were the ones who told us about it.  The best part, the ring leaders of the masturbation club are sons of a preacher.

One of our boys is selling razors on the bus and playground.  Another student's mother called the school to inquire how her son got a razor on the bus.  We aren't sure if it is gang related or not.

While coming in from recess, one boy was drinking water at the water fountain.  The boy who was waiting in line behind him came up and pushed the kid's head forward, giving the child a busted lip and cracked tooth.

Another student was allegedly showing a bag of weed to his fellow 5th graders at the bus stop.

Several of our girls have tried to request the 5th grade teachers as friends on Facebook.  Even though we don't accept their request, we can still see the profanity and slutty pictures.

My teammates and I have confiscated multiple sexually explicit notes written by our students.  Some of them even include labeled diagrams.

The sad part is that I am so numb to these type of events that nothing is shocking or hard to believe. 

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