Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, PaPa!

I have said many times before, Jackson has the best MiMi and PaPa.  Today was Jeff's birthday, so we made plans earlier in the week to have the in-laws over for dinner.  Jeff's birthday request was meatball subs and pound cake.  While these should be simple requests, I had never made either one of them.  Thankfully, my oldest sister is the queen of pound cakes, and Harris Teeter's weekly meal deal included pasta sauce and meatballs. 
Jesse had to work until 4:30 today, so I had to take Jackson to "work" with me this morning.  We took the kids to Ihop for their study session today.  After dropping students off at their homes, Jackson and I made it home just after noon for a quick lunch.  It was a busy afternoon with trips to Harris Teeter, Wal Mart, and Ikea.  (Sidenote: Jesse and I are convinced we had some bad shrimp last night because we were both queasy all day.)

March is full of birthdays, which means lots of cake decorating.  I've been rather stressed about today because our house becomes a disaster by the weekend, I didn't know how I would entertain Jackson at Ihop for two hours, and I was anxious about preparing new foods.  As always, everything turned out wonderfully.  Granted, I burned our subs under the broiler and the pound cake came out in pieces.  Somehow Jesse and I made quick fixes to both problems and you could never tell there was a concern.  Hooray for a new meal and dessert to add to our rotation.

Of course the best part of the day was celebrating another year to a healthy, humorous father-in-law/PaPa!

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