Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick Update

I've wanted to blog, and have attempted to several times over Thanksgiving break.  Unfortunately, I've reached my picture quota and never like blogging without pictures.  Apparently I can upload pictures on to PhotoBucket first and then on the blog, but that's more steps than I have time for at the moment.  Here are some random updates on life:

Jesse and I took Jackson to daycare last Wednesday even though we both had the day off.  We went shopping and saw Lincoln.  It was really good.  We ordered a large popcorn, and got a refill just because we could.  (Gluttony, I know.)  Jesse stayed to watch Skyfall while I picked Jackson up and fought the crowds at Sam's. 

We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving twice this year.  Thursday we binged on food at my sister's house, played with the kids, and had our share of laughs (though there were no board games).  Friday we met up at my in-laws house for a second round of fun.  Normally we visit both families on Thursday, but we enjoyed two days.  This also gave us a change to regain our appetites.

Black Friday started on Thursday for Jesse as he braved the chaos at Wal Mart.  He purchased Jackson a play kitchen for Christmas.  Our whole family went out on Friday to Target, Wal Mart, A.C. Moore, and the mall.  As my tradition, I purchased gifts for all nieces and nephews and wrapped them on Friday while Jesse put up Christmas decorations.  Jackson helped hang ornaments on the tree the next day.

I finally started working on my National Boards.  I spent all of Sunday writing rough drafts for my accomplishments entry and analyzing writing samples for the first entry.  I also created lessons and arranged to be filmed for the second and third entries. 

The week at work has been especially busy.  My teammate is out-of-state with her very ill father.  I've taken care of all lesson plans, SmartBoard files, and copies for her for the whole week, in addition to my plans and copies.  This is on top of taping for National Boards three days this week.  We just found out she'll be out next week as well and we're working on a unit that is new to our curriculum.  My to-do list keeps lengthening.

Jackson's sleep patterns have suddenly changed for no apparent reason in the past week.  He wakes up earlier, but is crying.  (He always wakes up happy.)  He fights going to bed and Jesse has to rock him in the recliner for him to calm down.

We changed Jackson's carseat to forward facing.  I guess that's a milestone.  Technically we should have waited another four months, but his little legs were folded against the back seat.

That's all for now.  Pictures will come soon...

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  1. Bonnie Katherine! I see you neglected to mention the car seat change in our phone call. Shame. I'm judging. But, I love you anyway. :P