Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Christ All Things Hold Together

This was the first weekend of our new schedule.  Jesse was promoted to Assistant Manager at Toys-R-Us.  I was paid to go in to work yesterday from 8-4.  Race traffic was horrendous.  I was not looking forward to my evening alone with Jackson after a long day of work.  I must admit, it was so nice to play with Jackson one-on-one, just like when he was a newborn.  It was even nicer to enjoy a couple of hours alone once Jackson was in bed and Jesse was still at work.

Jesse had to work from 11-7:30 today, which meant Jackson and I were on our own during church.  I found the sermon today to be particularly meaningful.  The scripture was from Colossians 1:15-20.  The verse that stood out was verse 17: "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together."  The pastor said, "The world is not held together by you or me.  We don't have to be in control because God is in control. Our response is to trust in God and love one another."  My disliking for my school has only escalated over the past few weeks.  I feel like it's up to me to somehow get every child on grade level and turn this failing school around.  The sermon today was a much needed reminder that I am not the glue that holds everything together and I must surrender and trust God. 

As uplifting as the service was, I was totally pissed off when I picked Jackson up from the nursery and discovered that someone hit my car in the church parking lot.  I considered calling the police but it's such a small church I didn't want to embarrass anyone or make anyone upset.  The whole thing would have been awkward.  I assume it was an elderly person who backed into my car.  I guess I'll never know.

I managed to have a very pleasant afternoon with Jackson and be super productive.  I cleaned out my car, vacuumed downstairs, washed/dried/folded four loads of laundry, made a quick run to the grocery store, and planned lessons for the school week.  Despite only taking one nap the whole day, Jackson was very playful and in a good mood.  The weather was gorgeous so we went for a long walk around the neighborhood before bed.

Jackson is finally able to go to sleep immediately and sleep the whole night night without being swaddled.  He is so sweet in his footed pajamas sleeping peacefully next to his ducky. 

Now it's another dreaded Sunday night and I know I have another long week of school ahead.  If I can just remember that I don't have to hold the weight of the world on my shoulders...

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  1. So, do they have this sermon online??? Glad you found some respite this weekend.