Thursday, October 13, 2011

You Are What I Didn't Know I Needed ♥

It's hard to believe that Jesse and I began dating seven years ago this month.  Today we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary.  In our four year marriage we have experienced life changing events and major transitions.  We've supported one another during my mother's funeral, our college graduation, our first day of teaching, buying our first home, job layoffs, my pregnancy, and the birth of Jackson.   

We listened to our first dance song tonight.  I still think the lyrics are perfect:

You are what I didn't know I needed. 
And you are what I've been waiting for. 
And you are so right I can't believe it.  
And I really want you to know what you are. 

Our marriage is such a blessing.  Amidst all the obstacles and transitions, the only thing I haven't questioned in the last seven years is my love for Jesse.  Seeing him as the father of my son has only strengthened this love.

Happy Anniversary!


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