Thursday, October 4, 2012

18 Month Milestones (or lack thereof)

At almost 18 months, the only words Jackson can clearly say are uh-oh, kitty cat, Mama, and Dada.  His teacher claims he says "no", but we've yet to hear this.

Jack still clings to his pacifier and Clifford like they are food and water. 

The only new "developments" to report are:

1. Jackson has mastered climbing and dancing on most surfaces: coffee table, rocking chair, high chair.

2. Jackson has excelled at opening, closing, twisting, pushing, and pulling open most items.  He gets into cabinets, drawers, trashcans, jars, bottles, the dishwasher, etc.  He rarely plays with real toys.  He'd much rather empty the pantry, entertainment center, etc.

3. Jackson is surprisingly good at holding a cup and drinking out of a straw.  Jesse and I were shocked to discover that the toddlers drink out of small solo cups during snack time (without a lid or straw).  We still use a sippy cup at home and a regular cup when we're out.

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