Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Festival at Daycare

Friday evening was the Fall Festival at Jackson's daycare.  As expected, he cried when we dressed him in his bear costume.  He wanted to be held, until he saw his favorite teacher.  He ran up to her and she helped him "fish" for candy after smothering him with hugs.

Our little hoarder was perfectly content helping himself to unlimited candy.  There were all kinds of age appropriate games (miniature corn hole, ring toss, bobbing for doughnuts, duck pond, etc) but he was happier running around the gym.  Jack didn't actually play any of the games, but he managed to confiscate an impressive amount of candy.

Jesse and I put most of the candy back when he was distracted, though Jackson still indulged in a Twix and some taffy.

It was after 7, so Jackson left a very tired bear!