Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wedding Bliss

Our family had the pleasure of celebrating the wedding of a friend from middle/high school.  The event was everything I love about weddings:
  • getting nostalgic when the couple says their vows
  • catching up with friends from out of town
  • admiring flowers, violin music, wedding gown
  • taking advantage of an open bar and buffet
  • having an excuse to dress up and take pictures
  • eating wedding cake
Before the wedding we met up with my favorite newlyweds, Ellen and Drew.  It was nice to relax at home and visit for a bit before the ceremony.

The couple had a very simple outdoor service and reception at the Whitewater Center.  You could watch people kayak, raft, rock climb, and zipline from the balcony of the reception.  Once inside the venue was completely private.  One unique thing I loved was a photo booth set up where guests could put on silly accessories or just pose for a family photo.  There was also ample outdoor space for photo opportunities.

It's rare for us to get a decent family photo, so here is our best one:

Jackson's favorite part of the reception was eating caramel apple popcorn.  He ate two party favor bags full of popcorn before sampling barbecue, beans, bread, and slaw.
My favorite part of the reception was the cupcake stand!  (I recommend the pumpkin spice with cream cheese icing.)

The bride and groom still cut the cake, while the guests chose from four delicious flavors of cupcakes.  We stayed for the toasts and first dance, then headed out to put Jackson to bed.

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  1. Jack looks over the moon about that popcorn! CUTE. I didn't know you could have a wedding a the WWC, cool.