Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Wonderland

With a forecast of up to a foot of snow, we stocked up on bread, milk, and snacks.  It's a good thing our pantry was full because we were unable to leave the house for three days.  There was a lot of down time, to say the least.  I spent most of my time indoors cooking, eating, and napping, while Jesse and Jackson stayed busy cleaning out the attic and watching TV. Since this past week will end up being half of Jesse's spring break, I'm happy we had relaxing family time. 

Snowflakes began falling Tuesday morning and continued throughout Thursday afternoon.  Our backyard quickly transformed into a winter wonderland! 

While Jesse and I experienced our share of big snowfalls during our four years of college, anything more than a dusting is a rare occurrence here.  I made a mental checklist of all my favorite things to do in the snow.  I'm happy to report I accomplished each item on my snow wish list.

1. Make Snowcream (4 cups of snow, 1 cup of milk, 1/4 cup of sugar, splash of vanilla).

Let's be honest...I ate a lot of snow cream in three days.

2. Have a snowball fight.  It was a challenge getting Jackson to go outside, and equally challenging getting him to come back inside.

3. Make a snow angel.

4. Take the babies outside for a quick photo.   

5. Make snowmen. 

I had absolutely no desire to get on a sled, tube, or any other death trap.  We still had our share of running, sliding, cuddling, and giggling.  LOVE my snowbabies!

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