Friday, February 28, 2014

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

Today was one of those days where I thought, "Why did I decide to do all of this?"  Nothing about the day was necessarily bad, but I felt like I was racing against the clock every second.  I try not to make too many time-specific plans nowadays.  Everything takes longer than I think it will and I end up having so many interruptions during the smallest tasks.  I quickly feel anxious and defeated if things start to fall behind schedule, especially if others are relying on me.

My plan was to shower, pump, and feed babies as usual during our already packed morning routine.  I then had to bake two cakes and complete the prep work for dinner between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. By 2:00 I needed to load everyone into the van and drive 35 minutes to my sister's house, where I would help my niece make her princess birthday cake.  I needed to be at my other sister's house by 5 p.m. to begin cooking dinner.  I volunteered to bring dinner to my aunt and uncle at 6 p.m. and I promised to bring the kids for a visit.

I forget how much more challenging constant running around is with four young children.  Here are bits and pieces of my race against the clock today:
  • I ended up giving formula for an entire feed because I didn't have time to pump in between baking and soothing babies who refused to nap.
  • I spent nearly ten minutes looking for James' pacifier while he screamed bloody murder, only to discover I had zipped it up in his pajamas after I changed his diaper.
  • I left the house in utter disarray with dirty dishes, baby gear, and trash all over the kitchen.
  • Just before getting on the interstate, I realized my aunt's cake was still in the fridge, so I had to turn around and retrieve it.
  • I spent fifteen minutes in a Panera drive thru  just for some coffee.
  • By the time I got to my sister's house, a whisk and mixing bowl covered in icing had rolled around in the back of the van.
  • After packing up nearly my whole kitchen into the van, I forgot shredded cheese and had to "run in" and buy some.  (There is no such thing as a "quick errand" when you have four kids ages 2 and under.)
  • While cooking dinner at my sister's house, I heard Jackson cry, "Oooooh.  Mommy, I'm wet! I peed on myself." Next thing I know he is stark naked in my sister's shower yelling, "I take a bath."
  • While waiting for my brother to graciously bring a change of clothes for Jackson from his own children, the babies were crying in the living room and the cheese started to burn on my chicken tetrazzini. 
  • The plan was to all eat dinner together with my aunt and uncle, but I had to run the dinner over (three houses down from my sister) while my brothers dealt with a naked Jack and overly tired babies for a few minutes.  I felt bad that their meal was 20 minutes later than I promised, but I'm glad they didn't wait on us to eat.   
  • Even though my aunt's house is just a few houses down from my sister's, I had to put the babies in their carseats and drive there because I couldn't carry all three at once and I knew the stroller wouldn't fit through their doorway.
  • We stayed well past the point of happy babies.
  • The challenge of the day was how many times I could load and unload babies into carseats and strollers.  Final verdict: 9 times.
Despite the frustrations and challenges, I was able to enjoy baking and share/teach cake decorating tips.  The end results brought sincere joy to multiple family members today, which is a greater blessing than I can say. 

Lila was concerned that the cake didn't "look pretty" yet

Two princesses

Celebrating my aunt finishing half of chemotherapy with a cake, card, and necklace
(Pink represents breast cancer, zebra symbolizes carcinoid cancer)

(Un)Fortuately, tomorrow will prove to be just as rushed with more baking, more driving, a birthday party, and cooking dinner for a former teammate.

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  1. Hey, that 15 minutes in the Panera drive was just as valuable! Thank you. Glad to see you found the 'road to remission' sign. Crazy day, but good memories :)