Sunday, January 8, 2017

Breakfast with Santa (Dec. 10)

Saturday morning was the annual Breakfast with Santa event at our brother and sister- in-law's church. The night before, James was awake crying throughout night. He threw up twice. Jesse and I were apprehensive about taking him to the event. He was acting fine, had no fever, and was hungry when he awoke. We eventually decided to take him, and gave everyone a heads up that he may or may not be sick. Thank goodness he was fine the entire time and no one else got sick.

Breakfast with Santa began with a pancake feast. The kids ate happily, once we worked out all their odd quirks of who required their own cup of syrup, what they wanted to drink, etc. 

Maddie continues to have a deep fear of Santa Claus. (He joins the ranks of the Easter Bunny, Chick-Fil-A cow, and any other adult in a full size costume.) Amelia isn't a fan, either. Thankfully they have a a PaPa that continues to hold them both for pictures every year.

MiMi was able to engage Maddie in a conversation with Mrs. Claus.

The highlight of Breakfast with Santa is neither the breakfast, nor Santa. The kids are always happiest making Christmas crafts. This year was no exception.

I kept a close eye on James. He acted 100% like himself and was eager to show me the train set and book as one of the table centerpieces.

A fun surprise was when the "reindeer" visited at the end.

I haven't been in the Christmas spirit much this season, so this event was an easy way to keep the kids excited about Christmas and to celebrate with family.

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