Monday, January 2, 2017

Trunk or Treat: A Star Wars Halloween

One of my favorite fall traditions is trunk or treat and potluck with my mom friends. Together, we make up an impressive collection of children. It's always fun to see  how their personalities come through with their dress up selection. Our family enjoys (or at least cooperates) with themed costumes. In years past, our family has dressed as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Wizard of Oz. This year we went back and forth between superheroes and Star Wars. Thanks to our elaborate dress up collection, we had several costumes for both themes. We ultimately decided on Star Wars after Jesse found a small Jedi costume at Goodwill for $4. That just left Jesse and I to figure out our costumes. 

In previous years, I began preparing things weeks in advance. This year I was totally overwhelmed with work, report cards, and upcoming parent teacher conferences. We threw everything together in under 48 hours, thanks to Amazon same-day delivery and blog tutorials. 

My costume (aka hat and tank top) was taken from this DIY BB-8 costume tutorial. I took advantage of the free printouts from her website and used adhesive felt. The whole project cost around $8 and took 30 minutes from start to finish.

I really wanted Amelia to be Princess Leia but couldn't find any same day delivery costumes in her size. She was just as happy to be Kylo Ren. James fit in a slightly too-big-for-him Storm Trooper costume. Jackson wore his Darth Vader costume. He colored an old wrapping paper tube red to use as a lightsaber. The only thing we had to buy was a Darth Vader mask and an adult jedi robe for Jesse. We spent a bit more money than I wanted but still had everything under $40. (jedi robe, tank top and hat, 3T jedi costume, Darth Vader mask). 

Here's our tribe--from Ghostbusters to Harry Potter, Phoenix fire birds to maps. I love the variety!

We failed in the actual trunk decorating, but the kids didn't care as long as we had treats. The kids are in prime trick-or-treating age. They definitely understood the concept this year and had so much fun!

After the trunk-or-treat, the families sit down under a picnic shelter and partake in a potluck dinner. Once again, I dropped the ball on the potluck contribution. I had chips and queso...except I left the chips on the kitchen counter and the queso had started to cool and congeal by dinner time. Oops! I clearly can't seem to juggle it all anymore.

The husbands took the kids to the playground while the moms socialized and cleaned up.

It was another great trunk-or-treat event! I just hate that we all had to go home and get ready for another week of school.

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