Sunday, January 8, 2017

Maddie's Haircut (Nov. 26)

Jesse took the girls' for their first haircut in April. Maddie just barely had a trim then. Her hair is so thin and she has dry skin/eczema on her scalp. We've never known what to do with Maddie's hair. She's looked like a ragamuffin for many months now.

On Saturday I took Maddie to get her second ever haircut. Since Jesse didn't take any pictures at her first haircut, I made sure to take a picture this time.

The hairdresser cut Maddie's hair an even length just above her shoulders. She asked if Maddie liked it, and Maddie shook her head no. To our surprise, Maddie specifically said, "I want it short." The hairdresser cut a cute bob right at chin length. Maddie left a happy girl with her "pretty hair" and lollipop.

Following the hairdresser's advice, I parted Maddie's hair on the opposite side and put a clip in it. She looks a thousand times better with her new haircut!

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