Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day began by sleeping in until 8 while Jesse and Jackson began making pancakes.  I went downstairs to discover a gift at my seat.  Jackson helped me unwrap this adorable photo collage from Jesse.  Apparently Jesse stayed busy this week painting letters, wrestling the letters with Jack, photographing a baby on the move, and learning how to edit photos in Paint.  I had made a similar photo collage for Jesse for Father's Day last year.  I absolutely love the pictures.  Now we can hang the two photos together. 

Jackson was especially silly this morning.  He was cracking up at every little thing.  We spent most of the morning laughing!

Our Mother's Day adventures included church, lunch at Denny's, grocery shopping, an afternoon nap for the whole family, shopping for blue jeans, and dinner with the in-laws.  There were moments where I wanted nothing more than to see my own mom, but there were many more moments of feeling blessed to have a smiling boy to love on and family to enjoy spending time with.  Jesse told me this evening that his goal each day is to make me feel loved.  He accomplishes this every day, and today was no exception.  All in all, it was a lovely Mother's Day.   

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  1. LOVE the mom gift to compliment the dad gift-awesome! I'm thinking I'll update David's frame for Father's Day this year =)