Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daycare Trial Run=Success!

Jesse went to the pediatrician's office yesterday to get the immunization records and medical form completed for daycare.  We turned in all of the forms today, before spending time in Jackson's classroom.  Our whole family spent the morning playing with the other children in an effort to get Jackson comfortable with the setting and people.  We all had a blast!  I really do love his teacher.  I was relieved to see her rocking, dancing, and tickling the kids in her class.  She already labeled his cubby and cot with his name.  (He starts next Monday.) She was also totally fine with us spending so much time there and kept thanking us for helping to make his transition smoother.

Even though Jackson will be 16 months old this week, he is in the upper 1 class (18-24 months).  The director recommended placing him in the toddler class so we could avoid transitioning him to yet another class in two months.  The little kids were very familiar with the routines.  Jackson helped himself to playing with every book and block he could reach while his classmates lined up for the gym.  He was running around smiling.

Due to the rain, the class went to the gym with the beginning two-year-old class.  The children were absolutely precious during their free play.  They held our hands, sat in our laps, hugged us, and tossed balls back and forth.  Since everything is at the kids' height, they pulled out scarves, yarn balls, bean bags, and cones.  Every child that cried or threw a tantrum was immediately comforted and over it quickly.  Jackson was so busy playing with his peers or toys that he rarely acknowledged Jesse or I.  It was hard to get pictures without other children in them.

Jesse and I were impressed with how well trained the kids were. They all sat down with their legs spread apart and rolled the ball back and forth with one another. They lined up against the wall and raced one another across the gym. Jesse and I can't even get Jackson to stand in one place. Because Jesse and I are both teachers, it's easy for me to think that we know more than we do. I have to remind myself that my degree is in elementary education, not early childhood.  I am so excited about the potential for Jackson to accelerate in his development. 

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  1. I'm so glad you guys got to do this, I'm sure it eased your minds a little bit! He will be fine, a new routine will fall right into place!