Monday, August 20, 2012

Daycare Update

First, I'll admit I've totally slacked on blogging this week.  Can you tell it's the first week back to work?  Oh, August.

Blessedly, Jackson has transitioned to daycare flawlessly.  Both Jesse and I dropped him off on Monday with Ms. Tina.  He had tears streaming down his red face.  My stomach felt very uneasy.  We were told he cried for about 10 minutes before settling down.  Jackson ran to Jesse as soon as he saw him when Jesse picked him up.  He slept a grand total of 25 minutes all day, but was so very hyper at home.

Tuesday involved more tears during drop off and more smiles during pick up.

Wednesday included a few sniffles and his pacifier when I left. 

By Thursday, Jackson literally runs to his classroom into Ms. Tina's lap.  The adults adore him and tell us so each time I see them.  The number one comment I've heard is what a good eater he is.  The director is in disbelief that Jackson has never been in daycare before. 

Most of the time we spy online on Jackson, we see him with a pacifier and holding Clifford.  He still gets cranky around 10:30 but has trouble napping.  He only slept longer than an hour once last week.  Despite struggling to transition from two crib naps to one nap on a mat, Jackson seems very comfortable and happy.

Surprisingly, I see Jackson more often now because I wake him up, feed him breakfast, and play in the driveway for a few minutes before leaving.  I seriously missed my happy morning Jack last year. 

The daycare provides us with a daily "Toddler Tattler" that provides detailed information on his diaper changes, eating habits, and any special notes from the teacher.  I love the communication, the caring staff, and Jackson's reaction to school. 

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