Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy Fat Face!

It has been two weeks since we ended the juice fast, and we have maintained our healthy eating.  I've been a bit more strict with my eating than Jesse has.  I have abstained from soda, sugar, white flour, and fried food with the exception of two spoonfuls of peach cobbler, one cupcake, and some chips and salsa.  We haven't lost exceptional amounts of weight (about 10 lbs each), but I've noticed that we look better.  Here's proof:

This photo was taken on June 18.  Our diet revolved around soda or beer, ice cream, and processed carbs.  I had no clue how bloated our faces looked!

Whereas this photo was taken last Friday, about a month and a half after the first photo.  Our diet has changed tremendously and we go for 4-mile bike rides around the neighborhood 4-5 times a week.  We've both noticed increased energy.  I can't believe how different our faces look!

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