Thursday, March 17, 2016

Diva at the Mall

As I stated in the last post, when I ask the trio what they want to do after we drop Jackson off at school, Amelia regularly asks to go to the mall. I take the kids to the mall so they can climb, crawl, and jump in the play area. There are two malls within 15 minutes of the house, so we alternate locations on rainy days. One mall is a standard multi-level mall with big department stores; the other is an outlet mall a mile around. 

The toddlers enjoy the play areas, but that is not why Amelia likes to go to the mall.

Amelia likes to walk through the department stores. Before Amelia could even talk, she expressed interest in selecting shoes and clothes. Once she started talking, she would make specific requests like the "purple butterfly shirt" or "red shiny shoes". We've in no way encouraged her fashionista behavior; it just comes naturally.

Amelia will walk around the jewelry cases and say, "Oooo, pretty necklace! Shiny ring! I want this one!" Let's just hope she gets a well-paying job one day. Ha!

Her favorite sections are the women's shoes and juniors dresses. It makes me laugh that she even has a favorite section of a department store, but this is truly where she spends the most time. She is so expressive when it comes to describing clothes. She likes to feel the fabrics and textures. There was a gold sequin dress and she exclaimed, "Oh! I love this sprinkle dress!"

For the record, the kids are surprisingly well behaved at the mall. They don't knock things over, pull clothes off hangers, etc. I don't necessarily encourage the kids to touch clothes, but I don't stop them either.

In true Amelia fashion, she cannot leave the mall without admiring herself in a mirror. Maddie, James, and I will be walking ahead and we have to stop to wait while Amelia looks at herself. Last week she even said, "Wait! I need look at self in mirror."

I find it fascinating that the same interests the kids had a year ago have only intensified as they've gotten older. Amelia genuinely admires nice clothes, shoes, accessories...and herself!

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