Friday, March 18, 2016

Freedom Park

The weather has been gorgeous all week. We spent our Wednesday at Freedom Park. It's been several months since we've last visited this park. They redid the playground over a year ago and it's not the most toddler friendly area. We used to love going to Freedom Park for the NFL obstacle course, but once we discovered a much closer park  also had an obstacle course, it lost its appeal.

The trio were better able to navigate the playground this time, though it's still tough to see everyone. Jackson was proud of himself for being able to cross the ropes and nets.

The obstacle course was fun as always, though a few of the obstacles were actually removed. Amelia chose to sit in the wagon the entire time while Maddie and James did their best to keep up with Jackson.

The highlight of their park experience seemed to be the picnic by the lake. The arrival of spring was undeniable as we were surrounded by gorgeous flowers blooming.

We found a nice shady spot to eat and relax.

We brought the duck feed I mentioned in the last post, which was a big hit for both the kids and ducks.

The one thing that sets Freedom Park apart from other parks is the train. James was especially excited to explore the train.

Three hours later, I pulled some tired, sweaty kids in a wagon back to the van. It was a lovely afternoon at the park.

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