Friday, March 18, 2016

Duck Feeding

Now that the weather is warmer, we're going to a different park every day. Many of the parks nearby have lakes where you can feed ducks and geese. In recent years, parks and rec have posted signs warning against feeding the ducks bread. There's even quarter machines where you can buy food. 

I decided to rebel slightly. I purchased an 8 lb bag of wild bird food for $6. I poured some in a ziploc bag, along with a handful of small bathroom cups. The bag stays in the van so we can be ready to feed ducks at any occasion. Each kid gets a little bit of food in a cup. Now there's no more fighting over duck food, and no more trying to find quarters. The best part is that the ducks love the food. Maybe it's just because it's early spring and there aren't a hundred people feeding them yet. Whatever the reason, they are quite happy to eat their medley of corn and seeds. We've tested it out at three different locations over the past two weeks.

Frank Liske Park

Freedom Park
We have extra cups, which means we can share with friends.

The Boardwalk at University

We've barely made a dent in our 8 lb bag, so I'm certain it will last throughout the summer and fall. I love cheap entertainment and actually being prepared.

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