Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reedy Creek Nature Center

After our success at Latta Nature Center last week, I took the trio to Reedy Creek Nature Center on Monday. We've visited this nature center many times, but it's always a fun time. I absolutely love that the kids have more fun playing in sand and on tree logs than they do on traditional playgrounds.

Anytime they see a stage, the sing and dance. Oh, to have the confidence of a child again!

The sand is always a favorite place to play. As a random aside, I always wonder how this giant sandbox hasn't become a litter box for the animals of the woods. There's got to be some stray cats somewhere.

The center has added a "little free library" since the last time we were here. Much like the playground, it has a quirky house design with fun, bright colors. The kids flipped through the pages of each children's book. Amelia found a touch-and-feel board book home that was all about a little girl and her yellow blankie. It was too perfect not to let her take it home.

The kids took turns creating music.

We typically spend more time outside than inside the nature center. This was not the case on Monday. We were all mesmerized watching the snakes in action. The corn snake below was shedding its skin, then slithering around all over the aquarium. It was so neat to watch!

The black rat snake was also active. Normally they're just sleeping.

Even the turtles were actively swimming and kicking.

The kids also read books and played with puppets in between the reptile sightings. We had a great time exploring the outdoors. There's one more free nature center across town that we may venture to one of these days. For now, we have two fantastic nature centers to enjoy.

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