Monday, April 18, 2016

Frank Liske Wildlife Preserve

With warmer afternoon temperatures, the trio and I have spent most mornings at various parks. Frank Liske is a very large park a few minutes from Jackson's preschool. The park is so large that I normally park at one of the multiple playgrounds and we play in that designated area. While playing at a playground, an elderly couple came up to us and told us there were several goslings on the other side of the lake. The kids and I ended up walking around the entire lake (with the wagon).

Since I keep a bag of wild bird feed in the wagon, we occasionally stopped to feed the geese.

Our morning walk included a few hikes off the trail so we could get a closer look at the creek and wildlife. The park includes a wildlife preserve. We walked so slowly we were able to get within a few feet of a blue heron and a collection of turtles.

Maddie and James were posing and requesting photos. James is harder to capture, but he is so very handsome.

Maddie is always easy to photograph.

Amelia's beauty doesn't always transfer to photos. Case in point...

We had nearly completed the lap around the lake when we spotted the goslings. The kids chased the family from the grass into the water. It was a great time to rest in the shade while observing the tiny water foul.

Spending time with the kids outside has taught me to be be more observant. They point out things on their level that I wouldn't otherwise notice. And I am on the look out for things that might interest them so I can show them. We stop to admire butterflies, chase lizards, and watch ducks make ripples in the water. I love letting them run semi-freely in the great outdoors.

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