Saturday, April 23, 2016

Girls' First Haircuts (As Told by Jesse)

Amelia had been acting big and bad about wanting a haircut for a couple of weeks. Maddie is more of a follower so she wanted a haircut, too. I took them after the Earth Day festival. I wasn't planning on taking Maddie, but she asked to go and I didn't want to exclude her.

Maddie wanted to go first, but as soon as we walked back to the big chair she was not okay with the situation. She put her head on my shoulder. I had to prop her up for the haircut. Amelia stood behind the chair the whole time. Maddie was upset and cried, even though she didn't get anymore than a quarter inch cut off. Then she got a lollipop so she was okay after that.

Then we switched. Amelia was very hesitant after watching Maddie. I told her it wasn't going to hurt. I had to hold her head straight so the hairdresser could cut. Amelia was okay after the initial cuts. Maddie stood behind us and ate her sucker.

All of the hairdressers paid attention to the girls. Our hairdresser found a special envelope to put their hair in since it was their first haircut. She put a snippet of hair for each girl and a card to fill out.

Both girls were happy when we were leaving to check out. Amelia ended up getting two suckers because she dropped her first sucker in hair. As soon as they got in the car they were excited to come home and show Bonnie their haircuts. They never admitted how scared they were.

Here are their before and after glamor shots:


  1. Where'sthe famous geek quote??

    1. Ha! Jesse dictated while I typed. I just asked him about it since he was the one who took the girls. If he"d had the computer, I'm sure there would have been a weird quote.