Monday, April 11, 2016

Photo Fun at Latta

Our first day sans Jesse went unexpectedly well. I accredit this to our afternoon at Latta Plantation Nature Center. Instead of heading home after preschool pick up, I took all four kids to the nature center. We spent a brief period of time inside, coloring, completing puzzles, and viewing the terrarium animals.. 

I've only recently discovered the nature preserve. It is ethereal. Truly, Thoreau could have written Walden in these woods.

We went on a brief hike, with the kids leading the way. 

Jackson found a hammock. He immediately climbed inside and asked me to rock him.

Maddie wanted "to swing". Jackson said he needed to keep her safe so he held onto her the whole time. It was a pretty adorable big brother moment.

I made good use of the hammock as well. The kids giggled in the wooded background, while randomly bringing me pretend food and attacking me with "light saber" sticks.

Maddie has recently taken an interest in balancing. She meticulously places one foot in front of the other.

Jackson found a strong vine on which he could swing.

Amelia and James were more interested in cooking and playing house. This is such a typical Amelia expression!

It was just a fun afternoon. There were zero tantrums, meltdowns, or refusal to walk. On the contrary, there were spontaneous hugs, laughter, and sharing.

The overcast skies and shaded forest created the ideal lighting for close up photos. I was especially mesmerized by the light glistening in each of the kids' eyes. Here were some of my favorite individual shots of the kids.

giving me a kiss

Fingers crossed we can keep the positive momentum going throughout the week!

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