Monday, August 22, 2016

First Day of Preschool--In Our Words

Here's a recount of the trio's first day of school, as retold by each of us.

Mornings can be hectic. We did the best we could to ensure a smooth morning, packing backpacks and picking out clothes the night before. Thankfully we don't have to make lunches since two snacks and a hot lunch are included with tuition. Amelia was a gleeful early riser, but we had to wake everyone else up. James and Maddie weren't the least bit cooperative with their obligatory "first day of school" pictures.

All thrree teachers communicated with parents during the day. James' teacher has a parent-teacher communication app where she posted photos of the kids. Amelia's teacher emailed pictures. It was nice to see their faces during the workday, though Jesse and I were both busy.

Jesse and the kids returned home around 4:30. Everyone was talkative and eager to talk about their day. I was able to get better photos of James and Maddie, as well as a mediocre group shot.

James had homework to create a collage to hang in his room. We went to Walgreens to pick up collage prints I had ordered. James took his first homework assignment of decorating the cutout very seriously.

I think they had a great first day, but you don't have to take my word for it...

Uh, I eat lunch at school. I eat goldfish. Drink orange juice. I play pretend food. My friends are going to help cook. I pee pee in the potty. Look at my back. It has my name on it. I'm a zebra and I'm in the zebra class. I sang alligator. It say chomp chomp chomp. I sleep in the white bed. And my friend is sleeping over there in the white bed, too. And check out my paper I painted. And look what I got at school. I got that. (holds up welcome certificate) My teacher said, "Amelia Zebra go to school."

I just play at school. I play food and naked baby. I eat lunch in my classroom. I had cereal and goldfish and pretzels. And orange juice. I have teachers, an animal teacher. I paint a rainbow. I sang the monkey song. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 monkeys fell off the bed. I have a nasty nose. I sleep on the floor. And just play when I wake up. Then potty. I went outside and played but it was hot. 

I eat cereal and burgers. I just play with a friend in the classroom. I played with playground. Teacher take my shoes off and I take a nap. I pee pee on the potty. I make pictures.

Well I dropped them off. We had to sign in and wash their hands. They picked out their cubbies for before school. They picked out three cubbies beside each other. As soon as Amelia and Maddie had their name badges on they were gone. I didn't even see where they went. There were a ton of kids there. James didn't leave me. He had to be coaxed away by one of the teacher assistants. No one cried. 
I picked them up about a quarter to 4:00. We had to sign them out and I had to walk to the classroom to get them.  
James was holding a tactile object. He put it in his backpack but Ms. Barrett made him put it back. She said he did a good job. He napped for a long time and he peed in the potty all day. 
Amelia ran in the hallway as soon as she saw me. Her teacher said she did really well. Amelia said bye to all her friends.  
Maddie didn't care when we got there because she was drinking her orange juice. Her teacher asked if she had eczema. She was talking to James and Amelia while Maddie finished her juice. 

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