Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Independent Preschoolers

First, let's all just take a moment to mourn the fact that my babies who were toddlers are actually preschoolers now. Now, on with the post. 

James and Amelia have always been stubbornly independent, but they've become more creative lately. Just when I think the kids can't surprise me or that we've toddler-proofed the house, they always prove me wrong. Here are a few examples I've caught on camera:

As I got out of the shower yesterday, Jackson said, "Uh oh, Come quick. James is cracking eggs." I walked downstairs to see a carton of eggs on the counter. James had cracked two eggs into a pot. When I questioned what he was doing, he said, "I want waffles." Well, okay then. Waffles it is!

Amelia has always displayed strength and agility. Lately this is evidenced by her scaling the pantry shelves.

Amelia is not the only climber. All four kids climb the barstools and help themselves to bowls and plates in the cupboards. We used to keep our knives and kitchen shears over there, but were worried the kids might get to them. Jesse installed a magnetic strip on the far side where the kids can't reach. James proved us wrong by climbing across the counter and in the sink to get scissors. He was trying to make lemonade and had a pitcher out and everything!

Speaking of pitchers, James is back to taking advantage of the ice maker and water dispenser from the freezer. He and Amelia have been making odd concoctions, from watered down chocolate milk in the mixer, to icy lemonade apple juice.

Maddie is independent, but in an incredibly helpful way. She always puts her dirty dishes in the sink and gets herself dressed, while her siblings play.

Potty training has led to natural independence on its own. Unfortunately, it's also cost us several rolls of toilet paper.

The bathroom is the scene of yet another stubborn independence...teeth brushing. These kids would brush their teeth all day long if allowed. I've found them on more than one occasion squeezing toothpaste on their toothbrush.

Amelia is so stubborn that I found her like this last night. She refused to lay in her bed or be tucked in. She eventually fell asleep in prayer position. 

 These kids are constantly defying limits and boundaries. Thankfully they are at the age where their curiosity is allowing them to problem solve and use trial and error. Let's just hope everyone continues to stay safe, healthy, and semi-clean while asserting independence.

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