Friday, August 19, 2016

Preschool Open House

Last night was Open House for James, Amelia, and Madeline. I had worked myself up into hysterics the day before when we received phone calls from each of their teachers, inviting us to attend Open House. Going back to work has been emotionally draining as is. I've spent nearly every waking hour with James, Amelia, and Maddie since their birth. I had just assumed that the triplets would be in the same class. Once I realized they were in three separate classes, I wanted nothing more than to stay home and keep my babies together. [insert ugly cry here]

Open House was a grand success that put my mind at ease. (Jesse wasn't concerned to begin with, but we're coming from different experiences.) The 3's classes are animal themed. Amelia is in the Zebra class. Maddie is a Hummingbird. James is a Lion.  

When we arrived, there was a line of assistants there to help. Once we walked in they said "These must be the triplets". Assistants escorted us to each of the kids' rooms. We had to complete the same survey and take family pictures in each room, but I guess that's to be expected. The kids were so happy in their rooms. There were so many centers and learning areas! Maddie and Amelia's rooms were the same size and set-up, and only a few doors down from one another.

James' room is further down in a separate building. I was most worried about James, but he was the most engaged with the staff. All teachers are certified birth-preK and obviously experienced working with preschoolers. They pretty much stayed on the floor, playing and interacting with the kids.

James' teacher stood out among the others. (The above picture is an assistant.) She was very calm and nurturing. Several of her former students (now 4 year olds) came in  hugging her and saying how much they loved her. She picked them up, swung them around, and embraced them in huge hugs.

The other relieving news was that James can wear pull-ups and they will work with him to potty train. Both girls used the bathroom in their classes. They were excited about having a "little potty".

One last noteworthy thing that I haven't mentioned before is the school they are attending is also where the EC preK students for the county attend. Each class has a lead teacher and 1-2 assistants, along with a plethora of specialists that come in as necessary. I love that the kids will be mixed together in the same classes.

I'm really proud of how well they acclimated, though I'm curious if they'll do as well Monday when they're being dropped off.

On the way out, they couldn't resist playing on one of the many playgrounds. Maddie scooted on her bottom most of the way. James tried walking but ended up crawling. Amelia waited until it was clear and then sprinted across. They are so different and I'm very curious to see how their personalities develop independent from one another.

Jesse will be handling all drop off and pick ups since the preschool is closer to his school. I'm very anxious to hear how their first few days go next week!

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