Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baby Jail

We go outside every morning to play and enjoy some sunshine before it gets too hot. (Un)fortunately James and Amelia can NOT stay still. Yesterday I put the baby gate up to block off the grill and steps. I laid the blankets down and stepped inside to get toys.

Of course, James and Amelia were crawling all over the deck within seconds.

Today I enclosed the gate so the babies were trapped in a confined space. They were content playing with their toys and checking out their new living quarters.

A queen size sheet draped over the play yard created the perfect shade.

I still want to get a second gate to connect and create a larger space. The babies were crawling over and on top of one another . Jackson desperately wanted to play with them, too.

After I carried the babies upstairs for their naps, Jackson played in "his tent" for at least 30 more minutes. Breaking out the baby gate was a pretty good solution, at least temporarily.