Monday, May 26, 2014

Fun with Fondant

A friend requested a construction-themed cake for a baby shower. I knew the best medium for the construction signs would be fondant. Since I could get away with the signs all being one color, I cheated and purchased pre-made fondant. Creating the signs was tedious but easy. Here are the simple steps I took to make the main decoration:

Step 1: Roll fondant between two sheets of wax paper. It takes a bit of work to get the fondant to the same thickness.

Step 2: I happened to have a square cookie cutter and was able to use the bottom of my large icing tip (for sides of cake) to make a perfect circle. It took less than a minute to punch out my signs.

Step 3: I used an edible marker to outline the edges of each shape to make it resemble a road sign.

Step 4: I had fun coming up with cheesy baby-related "construction signs".

Step 5: I placed the completed signs on my iced cake.
(I had made a two tiered strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. I used black sugar sheet and very thinly rolled fondant to make the road. The "dirt" was made from chocolate cookies ground in the food processor. And my friend supplied the construction vehicles.)

I used the round signs for cupcakes.

I love making cakes that look more complex than they really were to decorate. Hopefully the guests enjoyed it, too.


  1. They did!!! It was great. Our favorite cupcake was the No Re - Entry :). I am going to have a piece now

    1. Yay! I'm so glad. I wasn't sure what kind of humor the mom-to-be had.