Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Splash Park of the Summer

Memorial Day marks the official opening of pools and splash parks. We have exactly two weeks to take advantage of calm spray grounds before school gets out and they become overrun with big kids. We met a friend late in the morning for some fun water play. There was a well behaved school group there, but they left shortly after we arrived. That left the park free to us and two other children.

I felt like I was packing for an overnight trip, between the snacks, drinks, change of clothes, towels, diapers, wetbags, and water toys. It seemed excessive, but I was well prepared. Jackson ran to play with his friend as soon as he arrived.

James. lover of water, quickly assessed his surroundings and waved his hand in the streams of water.

Within a matter of minutes, he was putting his face directly into fountains, pouring buckets of water on himself, and walking straight through streams of water.

Jackson had lots of fun using his water toys. Last summer I never brought anything else for him to play with and he only lasted 30 minutes max. Today he entertained himself for over an hour, before he required food.

Amelia and Maddie were curious, but not enough to actually get wet. They sat with my friend and I most of the time, until they got brave enough to walk lap around the perimeter.

When we carried them under a fountain, Maddie cried and demanded to be held. Amelia quickly walked away and used her towel to wipe off the three drops of water that sprinkled on her forehead. These girls can be so dramatic!

All four kids had moments of pure joy (splashing, laughing, cuddling with adults, playing with friends) and moments of frustration (tired, hungry, cold, afraid of water). Their actions and expressions show how different they each are.

FYI, I received a box with the adorable swimsuits they're wearing last Friday from my triplet mom Secret Sister. The girls' suits may never actually get wet, but they'll still be worn a lot this summer. We'll likely go to another splash park next week before school gets out. 

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