Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Carseat Configuration

Jesse has been trying to convince me to turn the trio's carseats around for months now. I've resisted because I didn't see how it would be any easier to forward face the kids, and it's less safe. Despite recommendations to keep children rear facing until age two, we turned Jackson's carseat around at 19 months. Today, at over 22 months, we have a van full of forward facing children.

Our previous configuration was James and Amelia in the back, Maddie behind the driver's seat, and Jackson behind the passenger seat. For the past 22 months, I've put James and Amelia in their seats through the back of the van. This wasn't difficult when they were infants, but it's become increasingly harder the larger and less cooperative they've become.

The other major problem is I cannot reach between the middle and back rows. The floorboard is regularly littered with pacifiers, sippy cups, snacks, and toys. I have to send Jackson to climb over and under the seats to retrieve anything that the trio throw.

We purchased two carseats ($40 each) at WalMart that are narrow enough to fit all three across the back seat. Jesse removed the middle seat and the chair behind the driver's seat. We moved one of the carseats to Jesse's car, so now we can take two kids in each vehicle.

The trio's first car ride facing forward was uneventful. I hope our outings, particularly our mornings, will be just a little bit easier now.

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  1. Looks like it will be easier with the seat out...and you get to all of those beautiful faces!