Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Splish Splash

Spring rolled right into summer in a blink of an eye. Last night we connected the sprinkler for the first time this year.  Jesse and I stripped the kids down after dinner and let them run through the water. The girls did not exhibit the enthusiasm I expected. 

I assumed James would love it, but he stayed a safe distance away.

At least Jackson loved it!

Fastforward to today. 

Jesse purchased this blow up pool for $10. A friend of mine posted a picture where she placed a slide over a pool. I tried the same thing this afternoon.

The girls refused to get in the water. They took turns shoving one another closer to the pool, then getting upset and turning around.

As soon as James realized the pool was a giant bathrub with a slide, he was in his happy place.

Both of the boys were so goofy together! Jackson has been playing with his siblings a lot more often now, but today was the first glimpse into the future. I could picture Jackson and James sharing a room and really playing together.

The girls finally gave up on the pool and decided to play in the sand. The closest either girl got to the water was sitting on the slide.

Based on the past 24 hours, I'm not sure how much fun the kids will have at the splashpads and spray grounds this summer. Either way, we'll keep splashing in the pool and sprinkler with hopes that the girls will learn to love the water.

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