Sunday, July 19, 2015

2nd Birthday Bash

After weeks of intense preparation leading up to the trio's first birthday, their second birthday felt like a non-event. I feel a bit guilty about how little time I spent thinking of their birthday this year. Neither James, Amelia, or Maddie watch any certain TV shows so we weren't really sure what the theme should be. They've received several Elmo toys they like and they all love cookies, so I decided on a Sesame Street theme. Here are the electronic invites I sent via Facebook. 

Once again, I spent minimal effort on decorations, especially compared to last year. I created a 2' x 6' banner from Walgreens the other week when they were 50% off and hung it above the loveseat. I also purchased a giant Sesame Street wall poster from Party City. The Sesame Street signs are extremely thin plastic and became a source of significant stress for both Jesse and I.

One of my only requests was to take a family photo in front of the Sesame Street backdrop. I wanted to leave it outside so people could take picture beside the characters. Unfortunately, it began to storm after only a few guests had arrived. I rushed the family outside for a photo. 

My sister was able to snap a few pictures before James ripped the sign down. Ugh!

Lunch was pizza, salad, watermelon, and chips. We were running so behind after struggling to hang the signs. Jesse and Jackson picked up the pizza while I finished the cupcakes. Jesse's aunt cut all the veggies and fruit and his parents changed and dressed the trio. It takes a village!

We have a big family and always host birthday parties at our house. It never feels like that many people because half of the family inevitably eats and plays outside. Over the past four years, this was the first party where it rained. Our downstairs was bursting at the seams with 33 people crammed around tables and counters.

There's no guidebook on how to celebrate three birthdays at once. I found myself asking lots of questions such as,
  • Should they take turns opening presents?
  • Do we sing "Happy Birthday" once and include all three names or three separate times?
  • Do they each need their own cake?
  • Should we light candles for them to blow out?

When it came time to open presents, each toddler sat with a different family member and I passed out presents like a birthday Santa. I was so thankful that each of them had individual gifts to open. 

Sorry for blurry photos.
In addition to gifts of clothing and small toys, they trio received a large amount of money that will be used towards memberships or experiences (museum, bounce house, zoos, etc). I'm not sure where we'll spend the money, but I know it won't go towards any toys!

I kept dessert simple with these easy cupcakes. It felt a bit odd to not have a cake, but I couldn't justify making three cakes. Perhaps I'll make three cakes in a few years when they each request different things, but at two years old, they were perfectly content with their own cupcake.

Despite the rain and falling signs, it was a fun party with the entire family. I love that James, Amelia, and Maddie have so many people that care for them and rejoice with us in every milestone. We had a birthday party the night they were born with over a dozen family members crowded in the hospital room. We haven't stopped celebrating since. It's a true amazement what all they have accomplished over the last two years. I am so excited to see how much they learn and grow this next year.

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