Friday, July 17, 2015

Two Years Old

sleeping habits:
The trio are in their pajamas by 7 pm most nights, and in their cribs by 7:30 pm. They talk, play, and jump in their cribs for a while but are generally asleep by 8. Amelia wakes up crying in the middle of the night several nights a week, so we bring her in our bed. They wake up around 8 a.m. most mornings.

They take a crib nap every day from 2-4 pm.

eating habits: 
Breakfast--8:30 a.m.
cup of soy milk, fruit (grapes, strawberries, applesauce), carb (waffles, French toast, pancakes)

Lunch--anytime between 12-1 pm
cup of water or diluted juice, fruit, quesadilla, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, mac-n-cheese, pretzels, etc

Dinner--5:30 pm
cup of water or diluted juice, whatever we eat

Breakfast and lunch are normally served at the coffee table in the living room. Dinner is always in high chairs at the dining table.

-All three qualified for speech services at 22 months and began weekly speech therapy at 23 months.
-They are all paci addicts. We planned to eliminate pacifiers cold turkey on their second birthday, but that was two days ago and we haven't taken them away yet.
-We still use a double stroller most places because the trio cannot be trusted to hold hands all the time.
-Terrible twos and tantrums are very real!

-We're able to regularly go to the museum, park, splashpad, etc.
-All three are healthy weights and heights.
-Other than speech, we don't see any specialists. Gone are the days of cardiologists, neurologists, and physical therapists.

special notes:
-We received WIC checks the entire year, but chose not to reapply now that the trio are only drinking one cup of milk a day.
-We've continued to cloth diaper. We are in no rush to potty train!
-None of the toddlers have attempted to climb out of their cribs. We have no plans to transition to toddler beds this year unless they climb out or can't fit.

Individual Characteristics:


  • shy around new people
  • completely wide open
  • devil-may-care attitude (cheerful and reckless, doesn't asses risks involved)
  • adventurous, seeks danger
  • almost never smiles or makes eye contact for the camera
  • problem solver, likes to manipulate objects and see how things work
  • excellent eater/not picky
  • very needy and sensitive
  • mama's boy
  • loves water (bath time, pools, etc)
  • prefers to be outside
  • instinctively throws things when he's upset
  • feeds the outside cat every day


  • sweet voice, soft spoken
  • very loud cry (since birth!)
  • fashion conscious (picks out shoes, dresses, and loves accessories)
  • picky eater
  • has her blankie with her at all times
  • gives hugs and kisses
  • doesn't consistently sleep through the night
  • eager to please
  • good listener, follows directions
  • reliable hand holder
  • loves animals


  • demanding
  • feisty, sassy
  • hoarder
  • theatrical (loves singing, dancing, clapping)
  • hates water play and baths
  • does everything on her own time (slow eater, throws tantrums in slow motion)
  • terrible at sharing
  • great at pretend play (play phone, play kitchen, baby dolls, etc)
  • very affectionate, frequently gives hugs and kisses
  • enjoys coloring and playing with action figures
  • very nurturing with her baby dolls and siblings
  • continues to suffere from extremely dry skin

Happy 2nd birthday!

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