Sunday, July 12, 2015

Zelda the Cat

Ever since I started going through old photos for our 2011 family yearbook, I have been desperately missing our previous cat, Cowbell. Jesse and I both adored Cowbell. She was strangely small, feral, and cuddly. Even as an adult cat, she always acted like a playful kitten. We were overwhelmed with newborn triplets and did not miss her as much when she ran away. 

Both Jesse and I grew up with pets and we wanted our kids to have a pet as well. We got Aspen last September, but she is not the family pet we had in mind. She's old and spends 90% of her day in solitude. She's never let the kids touch her.

After months of casual browsing of Craigslist ads, Jesse picked up this tiny black princess on Thursday. Her mom is tiny and feisty, just like Cowbell. Jackson, Jesse, and I all suggested several names. We finally agreed on Zelda.

The kids and I were so excited when Jesse brought her home!

Zelda has acclimated to her new environment very quickly. She meows and purrs sweetly. She's not the least bit shy and moves around the house openly. The best thing about her is she is extremely tolerant of the kids petting, chasing, and picking her up.

She's everything I want in a cat. She is so cuddly and jumps in our laps.

As much as I love Zelda, she and Jackson have a special bond. Zelda has been sleeping in Jackson's bed. Can you find her?

Ta da! 

As perfect as Zelda is, there are a few issues we need to resolve:
1. She hasn't been spayed so we'll have to scheduled that in the near future.
2. She has claws. Originally Jesse and I said we would never get another cat unless it was declawed. Our furniture is already torn up. As long as she doesn't hurt the kids, I don't see any need to declaw her.
3. Zelda and Aspen hate each other. Every time they see each other they both hiss and moan at one another. Hopefully they just need a longer adjustment period before they become feline sisters.

All in all, we are so very excited about Zelda joining our family and growing up with the kids!

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