Monday, July 20, 2015

Romare Bearden: Water Edition

Jesse has professional development all day Monday-Thursday, so it's just the kids and me this week. It's back up to 100 degree weather, so I knew I wanted to find some water play for the kids. I let Jackson choose between the lake, splashpad, or "waterfall park". He chose the latter. 

Jesse texted me to say Little Caesar's was offering their large deep dish pizza for $5 today. We swung by Little Caesar's before driving uptown. Normally I made a whole day uptown and go to the museum or children's library. It was just too hot to be walking all over the city. I parked a block away. We walked/strolled to the park and ate our pizza in the shade.

It didn't take long for the kids to wander around the park. We were the only people there for nearly an hour, so they had free reign of the area.

Jackson was driving me crazy at first because he was so whiny and "too scared" to get in the water. We've been to this park several times and have never worn bathing suits. Every other time we've gone Jackson weaves through the fountains and gets soaked in his clothes. Of course, when I put the child in a bathing suit it takes him fifteen minutes of coaxing to even touch the water. Ay yi yi...

Maddie assumed her favorite role of supervisor and observer. No water was going to touch her precious skin. She sat in the shade and continued eating her pizza. Such a silly girl!

Jackson finally fell in love with the water and ran about blissfully. He took his shoes off and splashed around. Amelia thought it was hilarious to fill Jackson's boots with water and dump the water out on the concrete. This was the most interactive I've seen her in a water park.

James was happy to run under the cascading water and bring me cups full of water.

Eventually other families arrived so we moved to another side. Jackson got everyone to hide in his "cave". You can't see him at all, but he's behind James.

There's no denying these two are brothers!

Once again, Maddie stayed dry and bossed her siblings around,

while they played in the water.

We ended up spending almost two hours eating and playing before walking back to the van. It must have been exhausting because the trio fell asleep on the way home, and woke up in their cribs two hours later!

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