Monday, July 6, 2015

New Obstacle Course Park

A friend recommended Hornet's Nest Park to us. We had never been to this particular park because of the location, but it's much more accessible thanks to the newly opened interstate. It is surely one of my new favorites. There's an NFL obstacle course, lake, trails, and a playground, as well as other cool features we won't frequent such as a disc golf course, BMX track, and tennis courts. 

The obstacle course was similar to the one we love at Freedom Park. There were some additional obstacles with ropes that required you to crawl under and climb over. All six of us attempted all or parts of the obstacle course. It was so much fun!

There was a large toddler friendly playground, multiple swing sets, and a much larger elementary aged playground. Jackson happily played on the big kids playground until a school bus of children (summer camp?) flooded the area. James and Amelia favored the slides, whereas Maddie preferred the swings. 

We casually strolled around the lake before leaving. While I was bent over with Amelia admiring the ducks, Jesse yelled at us to turn around. The geese quickly surrounded us. They were much less aggressive than some of the other geese we've encountered.

It was an especially fun morning with the family!

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