Friday, December 11, 2015

All About Amelia, Age 2

Amelia earned the nickname "diva" as a newborn. She feels intensely. Her emotions operate on a switch, not a dial. She's either a sweet, giddy, adorable little girl

or a screaming, temper-throwing, possessed child. 

Amelia is delayed, though she is the most advanced of the trio. She is beginning to accurately describe things with colors, weights, sizes, etc. 

For many months, Amelia has inconsistently awoken in the night. She wakes in her crib, and screams until we get her. When we let her scream, she wakes up her siblings. As soon as she's in our bed, she sleeps soundly. Unfortunately, if she's in our bed she wakes up whenever Jesse wakes up, regardless of the time.

The first thing I see when I wake up
Amelia can be a picky eater, especially in the evenings. She refuses dinner several nights a week. On such nights, we give her a protein bar or Carnation instant breakfast. She does well with breakfast and lunch, but I only offer her foods I know she'll eat. She loves fruit, cheese, crackers, and pasta.

Amelia wears a 3T in everything, and a size 6 shoe.

Dinner and sleeping in her crib are our biggest frustrations. Amelia is also difficult to console and will physically fight you when she's upset. This makes it extremely difficult to dress her or buckle her car seat.

Amelia shows some signs of readiness, such as wanting to sit on the potty occasionally, and bringing us a diaper when she has pooped. These are inconsistent, though, and she has never once used the bathroom on the potty.

Random facts about Amelia's name
-We call her Millie as often as we say Amelia. I just don't like the way it looks in print so I always -type Amelia on the blog.
-The name on her birth certificate is Amelia Caroline. Her middle name is after her great grandmother, who died days before she was born. However, I've planned on naming my daughter Amelia Mae for many years and that was to be her name up until two days before she was born. If I say her full name, I always call her Amelia Mae, then correct myself.

Amelia is naturally athletic. She's a fast runner and climber. She loves racing, jumping, sliding, and doing any form of physical play.

Amelia loves fashion. She likes to pick out dresses, shoes, and accessories. She'll specify "butterfly shirt" or "blue hat". In the picture below, she was more concerned about the "cow pretty dress" than she was about eating. Typical Amelia!

Relationship with Family
Amelia loves to cuddle with her Mommy and Daddy. She'll come up to Jesse and I with her blankie and say, "I want snuggle." She loves to rock in the recliner, sit on our laps, and curl up in our arms.
Amelia and Jackson are the early risers and frequently play and eat breakfast together before James and Maddie wake up.
Amelia is very nurturing and looks after James and Maddie. She consoles them if they're upset. Amelia loves playing with Maddie and holding hands.
I haven't mentioned pets in James or Maddie's post, but Amelia has a greater fondness of the cats. She loves to give them food or water, and she chases after Zelda and brings her inside when Zelda runs outside.

I love you, Amelia Caroline!


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