Thursday, December 3, 2015

All About James, age 2

It's been a while since I've given detailed, individual kid updates. I've taken a lot of pictures of James lately, so I'll start with him.

At 28.5 months old, James is the sweetest, most lovable little boy. He often has a serious, contemplative expression. I think this is because he spends most of his time putting things together and taking them apart.

James is still delayed, though he can clearly vocalize his wants and needs. He doesn't describe much or use adjectives. He mostly uses 2-3 word phrases.

Nap time is a bit of a joke. Most days James can be heard jumping in his crib or laughing during nap time. James is by far the best sleeper at night. While Amelia and Maddie often end up in our bed, James never stirs, even when his sisters are screaming. He sleeps soundly for 11-12 hours each night and wakes up very happy.

James is the absolute best eater of the family. He eats everything we put on his plate, and often everything on his sisters' plates. He is stubbornly independent and likes to serve himself. While these are great characteristics, his demands for food never cease. It's frustrating to hear him bang on the pantry door or beg for food. He eats so much already!

His wardrobe is in between 2T and 3T for pants. The 3T pants fit around the waist but are too long. It's no problem to roll up his jeans, but it's not so easy with soft pants. Many of the 2T pants don't fit around his waist. Most of his shirts are 3T. He currently wears a size 6 shoe.

James loves putting things in his mouth, especially in public places. I used to encourage him to use his pacifier, but we've recently eliminated pacis. Our EI service coordinator gave us a chewy tube to use as an alternative for when James freaks out and needs that oral stimulation. I haven't introduced it yet and I'm not certain I will.
James is stubborn and does not respond well to "no". Granted, no 2 year old that likes to be told no, but James automatically rolls on the floor, wailing. Simple redirection is ineffective.

James has absolutely zero interest in potty-training. He doesn't seem bothered if he's sitting in poop or if he's soaked through his diaper (which happens frequently). At least James is compliant during diaper changes.

James' three favorite things are:
Playing Outside


 Anything to do with water

Relationship with Family
James is a mama's boy, though I suspect that's simply because we're together all day. He's very affectionate and will randomly give kisses, hugs, and sit in my lap all day long.
He plays well with his siblings, though he often prefers to play trains by himself.

I love you to the moon and back, James Presley!

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