Sunday, December 6, 2015


One of my favorite childhood traditions was going to McAdenville, aka Christmas Town USA, to go see the lights. When I went with my family, we always drove through the town. In high school, I went with my youth group. We parked across the entrance and walked throughout the town. I much prefer walking because you can
1. Go at your own pace.
2.Turn around at any time, unlike being stuck in hours of traffic.
3. Walk down side streets that cars aren't allowed to go.
4. Take better pictures.
5. Stop at the church or fire station for hot cocoa and cookies.

The only year I can remember not going to McAdenville was when the triplets were infants. I took all four kids by myself last year, and would have taken them again if Jesse wasn't willing to go. He was not at all excited when I proposed the idea of going last night, but he accompanied us anyway. I was relieved to have his help! The weather was in the mid-40's, so not terribly cold. The kids all wore winter jackets, hats, and each had a blanket. Jesse and I alternated pulling the 100+ lb wagon and wearing nearly 30 lb Maddie. Both were challenging!

Here are some of my favorite decorations. The kids randomly yelled out, "Look, elf! See Santa! Pretty lights! Bows! Baby!" etc.

I always walk until we reach the church that serves free hot chocolate and cookies, then turn around. It's so nice to sit down inside a warm building after walking in the cold.

I requested a family picture. Jackson selected this area as the back drop.

Before returning to the van, we got the kids out of the wagon again to let them play on the wooden train cutout. James was excited to be the conductor.

There was another section of the train that had four holes for windows. I unsuccessfully tried to get all four kids to look out at the same time. Eh, at least Jackson and Amelia were cute.

Jesse and I had the foresight to bring the trio's pajamas. We changed them in the van before driving home, which made for an easy transition to the cribs. I absolutely love being able to continue this family tradition with my own kids!

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