Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Photos 2015

I have a love affair with bokeh photography, aka the soft, blurred effect when lights are out of focus in a background. I made it my mission to take a bokeh picture of Jackson when he was a baby. I had hoped to take similar images of all four kids this year, though I haven't been successful. Actually, we've had several photo shoots end poorly over the past few weeks, so I had decided to take a photography break.

My friend, Karen, blogged about her photo shoot experience with her son. Her photos were exactly what I had envisioned for my kids, but unable to create. I commented that she could come take pictures of my kids anytime. The next day, she texted to ask when would be a good time to photograph the kids! That's just the kind of helpful, genuine person she is. 

The photo shoot itself was simple enough. The kids wore random, dressy clothes friends have passed down to us. Large quantities of hot chocolate in mugs was consumed. Karen brought chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and Santa hats. It was a laid back hour of us sitting on the floor while Karen clicked away.

Despite wiggly toddlers and a moody preschooler who was sent to his room in tears, Karen was able to capture many great moments. I was beyond impressed with the final images. Here are my favorites: 

I guess it's time to whip up some Christmas cards now.

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  1. YAY!!! I guess I should have taken more of Jackson - ooops! Glad the bokeh finally worked out . . . and your family was SO MUCH FUN to take pictures of!! I could have sat there forever.